Medicine and Healthcare Internship
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Medicine and Healthcare Internship

Overall Rating

7/ 10

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A good and learning experience

I spent two weeks at Smokey Manor and was an intern at a Family Planning Clinic. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from it.

At the clinic I followed a nurse and her assistant in their daily work schedule. It took a few days to get into it, but they were very friendly and helped me when I had questions. I learned that it was important to be outgoing and ask if there was anything I could do, how much you learn is really up to you.

I came here with my sister who was a volunteer at a school, and we stayed here at the same time as a big group from the states that we got to know well and had lots of fun with. We also went on several tours. I would really recommend going on the Portland Highlights tour to the Blue Lagoon and Boston Bay Beach - it was like a day in Paradise. The breakfast and dinner were always good altough they were really different from what we were used to in Norway.

If I were to comment on anything it would be that I wish I had got to know more about the placement before I arrived, be able to speak to the nurse I was following or just something to be able to prepare myself for what I was going to. I was not to happy about my experience in the clinic the first day, and I am really glad I gave feedback about it both here and at the clinic because it got a lot better after that and I was offered to switch programs if it did not get better. Also, I think some of the tours were a bit too expensive, especially considering that we were a big group going.

Overall I had a really good experience here. I learned a lot about the culture and got to know so many nice people - both the once that were working here and the other volunteers and students.