Teen Summer Language Camp in France with Greenheart Travel
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Teen Summer Language Camp in France with Greenheart Travel

Overall Rating

8/ 10

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Good experience overall

This program was a good fit for me. I really liked that we had the ability to choose what we wanted to do sometimes, it gave everyone the responsibility to be aware of where they were and time management. I did both the Arcachon and Paris program. In Paris, the lessons were very easygoing, many people did not do them at all. I would have liked a little bit more rigor. In Arcachon, I think they could improve communication between adults and students. At times, students did not know what was going on or where different groups were going, or even what group they were in! Just a little confusing.

A tip for future students would be to pay attention to where you are going. Make a mental map your first few days. You really don't want to rely on other people to get you somewhere and you need at least a general sense of direction, it makes a world of difference.

I really enjoyed the program but I guess if anything could be improved, it would be to know the size of the group before arrival or more information about the other students. I communicate with them all now, but would have been nice to know them better before arriving.