Spain: Language & Leadership and Life in Andalucia
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Spain: Language & Leadership and Life in Andalucia

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Spain: language and leadership

Naturally, I was really scared to go out of the country for 3 weeks without my family. And it felt unreal that I was traveling across the world as I was getting on the plane, but the whole group clicked immediately and I already felt at home. As you adventure throughout Spain and see cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Segovia, and Sebulcor, you get to know the Spanish language and culture. On top of sightseeing, you get to participate in fun activities, like kayaking, swimming at beaches, hiking, and bike riding throughout the cities. You also earn 40 hours of community service, as you work on wildlife and environmental preservation, wetlands, and living in a sustainable community. Although it's hard to narrow it down to just one, one of my favorite memories from the Spain was when we went on a hike after working at a children's camp for the morning. It was hot and we were all tired at first, but when we got to the top, which overlooked a pretty, blue lake, we realized every moment was worth it. We swam around and ended up discovering a cave which we climbed into and cooled off, as the most beautiful waterfall rained over us.