Au Pair Abroad in Germany
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Au Pair Abroad in Germany

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My story as an Au Pair

To whom it may concern,

My names Amanda Sanders and I have been an Au Pair for almost 7months now. If I had to give this job 3 words I would say hard, rewarding, and fun. It's hard because I work with 3 children, all different ages. Working with kids is never easy and let me tell you when I first started I truly thought I couldn't do it. Once I started to get to know the kids, what they liked, a good way to discipline them, and how to care for them not just through making sure they are fed and cleaned but also there feelings, it became easier and a lot more enjoyable. This job is rewarding in so many ways! You have no idea what it feels like to be having the worst day ever, home sick, not feeling well, and a 6 year old comes up to you and says "Manda I love you" and gives you a kiss. I got to Germany towards the end of June and when I got there the youngest Marita who is 6 was having a very hard time swimming and she couldn't do it without her floaties. We practiced and practiced and by the end of the summer she was practically a professional, jumping in with no fear. I got to teach her how to really ride a bike. I have been able to attend their sporting events, musical events, celebrate birthdays and so much more. This job is fun because let's face it kids are fun. I honestly have a wonderful time with the 3 of them. They make me laugh, and really remind me what it's like to be a kid again. Now do not think it's always fun or always hard. Some days are worse than others. Some days I don't feel good, and some days the kids don't. Max the oldest is 11 and that's a hard age! He's maturing, and obviously going to try and test you in anyway he can. Gustav is 9 and a very big mama's boy so when the parents leave to go out of town he's truly upset, and sad, and that's just something I have to deal with. To be honest an Au Pair is such an important job! You are not just someone who looks after them, makes them dinner, or makes sure the rooms are clean. They grow to love you, trust you, and care about you. I have Marita tell me all the time "I am really going to miss you when you leave me.. I promise I will never forget about you.." To be honest you become almost like a fill in parent when their real parents are to busy with work or travel. They depend on you to go to there events, to help them with homework, or to love the art work they made that day. They ask you personal questions, only because they are curious and they trust you enough to ask. Becoming an Au Pair was the most amazing decision I have ever made! My heart is so full with love, and respect. I had mentioned this job is rewarding and I forget to say it's not just rewarding with the children but with all the experiences you get to travel. I have already been to 7 different countries, and got to experience so many things. So again if I had the choice to pick between this job and another, I would again pick this job. It's most definitely something I do not want to do for the rest of my life, but it is one job I feel so blessed to have worked, and experienced.
If you have any questions or want to know anymore about me or this job let me know.
Thank you and enjoy!

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