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Would you like to improve your teaching experience? Stay at some beautiful countryside hotels with all expenses paid while helping teach English to Polish participants!

Hi, welcome to Angloville!

Angloville invites you to participate in a language immersion programme where you will meet successful professionals or junior students from Poland. Not only will you improve your teaching experience but also learn something new about the Polish people and culture!

During your free stay you will have a chance to try local cuisine and see the beautiful countryside. All of the above is guaranteed, as you help our students improve their English through a series of 1-on-1 conversations, group activities, outdoor activities and social time.

Programs last for 6 or 7 action-packed days and there is a possibility to attend multiple programs as well. The opportunity is addressed at outgoing people who would like to gain teaching experience as there will be a lot of speaking, networking and teaching activities during the whole week.

Volunteers who are interested in becoming TEFL certified can apply for the partly sponsored Anglo-TEFL Scholarship.

Program Highlights

1. Participate in an extremely unique and fulfilling experience volunteering to teach English to Polish people.

2. Join tours and cultural trips during weekends and off days including Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan & Wrocław!

3. An opportunity to become TEFL qualified through Anglo-TEFL Scholarship.

4. Enjoy conversations and cultural exchanges with native Polish people and make lifelong friends.

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Program Reviews

Most Recent

Volunteering with Angloville, Dwor Zubuze

December 11, 2015

I found that the days literally flew by on this program. There was never a dull moment. Every Polish Participant was willing to learn and in turn share their experiences, ambitions and knowledge. This dynamic made it a very satisfying endeavour and I have made many new friends whom I'm sure I will maintain contact with going forward. It is worth mentioning that the social time outside of the activities is an enjoyable part of the experience too.

Program Details

  • Contact Provider for Cost Details
  • No
  • Volunteering opportunity.
  • Poland: Krakow, Poznan, Warszawa, Wroclaw

  • American





    South African

  • Contact Provider for Cost Details

  • * Real-life teaching experience
    * Accommodation in high standard hotels during Angloville programs
    * Full board during Angloville programs (three meals a day at the hotel restaurant)
    * Free transport to and from the high standard hotel in the countryside
    * An opportunity to travel and learn about the cultures of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic
    * Complimentary tours of some of Central and Eastern Europe’s most fascinating cities, such as Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest, Wroclaw and Krakow
    * In-country support throughout the duration of the program
    * A diploma from Angloville
    * An amazing experience with a chance to improve your CV and launch your career teaching English

  • Volunteering opportunity.

  • Language Skills Required


    Experience Required


  • Other

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