Tochukwu Ihemelu - 2011 Program Participant

Since childhood Tochukwu has had an an interest to travel, and the desire to explore other countries and meet people from other cultures. During academic studies at Texas Women’s University, Tochukwu was able to fulfill the dream and study abroad, by joining ISA in Madrid.

Why did you choose ISA’s program in Spain over other study abroad program providers?

I was looking for a study abroad program which would work with my master's program requirements. I did find others, but as I had received a TWU study abroad scholarship, I was unable to use them. Unfortunately, as a master's student the contracted study abroad programs didn't have courses catering to students in my situation. However, the Director and Assistant Director of International Education worked with the head of my program and ISA to make it possible for me to study abroad and receive my scholarship. I am extremely grateful for that. 

What advice would you give to students contemplating studying abroad in Madrid?

Do it, and if not in Madrid, go and study abroad where your heart or your interest lies. 

Why was Madrid the best place to study abroad in Spain?

To be honest, so many people have asked me that question, and I can’t think of the reason. It was just the first place that popped into my head. I've never regretted the decision either, especially since I met one of my best friends there.

What was your favorite class during study abroad with ISA?

I took a Spanish class and an international business class, and would have to say they were both my favorite. I was happy to be in Spain and I love to learn about different cultures, and both of those classes gave me the opportunity to do so. I'm also still in contact with my Spanish teacher, which I think is pretty cool.

How has study abroad impacted your life?

First, it made my dream to experience another culture real. Second, it influenced me to continue to travel abroad. Third, I gained so many friends from around the world, which of course automatically gives me an obligation to travel more.

Lastly, it has given me the desire to hopefully work and live abroad one day. I actually just recently received my CELTA certificate and did a stint in the Spain Cultural Ambassadors: North American Language and Culture Assistants program. I never imagined all these things could sprout from one little seed of curiosity.