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Sara King - Internships Manager

Sara King - BUNAC Internships Manager

Sara King manages all internship programs for BUNAC in the UK and USA. With program management experience in the field of international education on multiple continents, combined with BUNAC’s long history of success, Sara knows how to speak directly to the needs of participants from the day they apply to the day they return home and ensure successful experiences for all interns.

Diving in Fiji

Diving in Fiji tunnels. Photo credit to Sara King

As Internships Manager for BUNAC, what does your job entail?

I lead the Intern in Britain programme and our Internship USA programme, so I deal with interns from all over the globe heading to the UK or the USA on an internship.

How did you become involved with BUNAC?

I worked overseas in the volunteering industry in Fiji and discovered a position at BUNAC when I returned to the UK. I was drawn to them because of their credibility in the work and travel abroad industry.

What makes BUNAC Internship programs interesting?

Our Intern in Britain programme provides the unique opportunity to intern anywhere around the UK at an internship of their choice. As an A-rated Official Visa Sponsor for the Government Authorised Exchange programme on the Tier 5 visa, we can provide students and graduates from anywhere in the world the opportunity to learn crucial skills in the UK, from Edinburgh to London! It works the other way for heading off to the US with both placements offering the chance of gaining valuable internship skills for up to a year.

How does BUNAC prepare participants for internship placements?

We provide our participants with lots of pre-departure information, from giving support one on one, from our experienced team to extensive guidelines and arrival orientations once in country. We offer as much support as needed and want our participants to be well prepared for their internship experience!

What does a BUNAC orientation package include?

Our orientations are provided from our knowledgeable team in our London office, where we will provide an extensive overview of their new life in the UK and what to expect. This also includes information on the culture, travel, safety, and how to set themselves up with everything they need.

What kind of on-site support does BUNAC provide to participants?

BUNAC offers continual support for all of our programmes, from the day they join and all of the pre-departure support, to the on-going support of our teams during their programme. We are only a phone call away and will always be on hand to help out with any situation.

How does BUNAC assist participants in immersing in the local culture?

The interns are provided with an orientation which provides them with lots of ideas for how to get involved in their new country and make the most of their experience. Living and interning at a company provides them with a huge opportunity to get to know their new home, or they can come and join any of our social events to get even more involved!

What is the highlight of BUNAC programs?

All of our BUNAC programs offer participants with that chance to have complete support for the entirety of their adventure. Not only have we got 50 years of knowledge in this sector but our staffs have experienced this themselves and are dedicated to helping our applicants to having the best experience they possibly can.

How do you hope to enhance BUNAC Internship programs in the future?

We are continuously striving to providing the best support we can to our participants, and so we will always listen to what our applicants need and work towards ensuring they get that service from us.