Ronnie Minkoff - 2011 Program Participant

Ronnie in Front of Platform Nine and Three Quarters in London.
Ronnie in Front of Platform Nine and Three Quarters in London.

What made you choose ISA?

I chose ISA because it offered different excursions that were included in the tuition. Also, the study abroad advisor recommended ISA very highly. 

You’re from Lynn University, what would you tell other Lynn students going to study abroad in London?

I would tell other Lynn students to take advantage of all of the different museums and sights London has to offer. I would also tell Lynn students that studying abroad is one of the greatest experiences someone can have during their college career. 

What makes London the best place to study abroad in England?

London was the best place to study abroad in England because it is a chance to study and live in a city. London always has something going on. It is impossible to be bored while living in London. It is so easy to jump on the tube and go to a museum. 

What was your favorite class that you took while in London?

My favorite class was my mandatory London City class because we got to go to different museums and sights I probably would never have gone to or experienced.  We went to the transportation museum and did a whole tour of "haunted places" in Southwark.  

What impact has studying abroad made on your life?

Studying abroad impacted my life because it showed me I can go outside my comfort zone. Studying abroad has made me want to experience different cultures.