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Misko Macolic - Business Development Manager

Misko Macolic - Business Development Manager

Misko holds a master’s degree in creative management. Through his role with Spain Internship, he assists students who wish to find an internship in Spain or Italy. Misko loves traveling and entrepreneurship.

How did you end up working for Spain Internship?

I was back in my home country, Croatia, and three years ago I decided to go for an internship in Spain with the Erasmus+ program. This is one of the most popular European programs to go abroad with, and I had heard so many positive comments that I had to try it. This was my first experience abroad and I felt in love with Spain and Spanish culture, staying longer than expected. I was working for an international startup, Eurasmus, founded by the same founder of Spain Internship. At the end of my internship placement, I was offered a job in Spain Internship.

Spain Internship office
Office with colleagues

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

As I was a student and intern myself, I have gone through all the issues and problems students may have, so I love helping them when they go abroad. I feel great when I can assist them using my personal experience. It is also really rewarding when students write you back or you talk with them and you get to know how this experience changed their life.

What is your best advice for someone about to embark on a Spain Internship program?

Before leaving their home country, I would suggest they think what they want to achieve and what kind of career they want to have, so they choose the right placement. Once they are in the placement, I would suggest all students and future interns believe in themselves and always ask for more responsibilities. In my case, this made all the difference, and was why I got a job offer. I was always looking for more responsibilities, as well as studying in my free time, learning new things, and providing ideas later on to the company.

What makes Spain Internship unique as an organization?

Spain internship is not a regular service provider, we are recruiters, handling a huge number of applications per year, and therefore we are really experienced in all the processes. Also, our service is completely free for students and universities, which makes it easier for students to go abroad.

We believe that an experience abroad has to be accessible to all kind of students, therefore, having this free service we give the opportunity to many students to go abroad, who otherwise probably could not afford it.

Interns in Sevilla
In El Cubo, Sevilla, with some of our interns.

Why do you think an internship abroad is such an important part of the educational experience?

An internship abroad is a really important life lesson. 

While doing an internship abroad you will think globally and become more open minded, learning to accept others no matter their political views or cultural background. 

During your internship period you will learn new languages and discover new cultures. As well, at your new workplace you will need to adapt to the national working habits like working timetables, and different backgrounds. All this will benefit you personally and professionally.

What makes Spain such a great destination for students wanting to intern abroad?

In general Spanish people are always willing to help you, and it has an amazing mediterranean climate plus it is an exotic country with an incredible cultural heritage for an internship. It is also a country with a strong tourism industry, as well as a growing international market, which makes it an attractive option in many sectors.

What does a typical day of work look like for you?

I arrive at work every day around 9 a..m. First of all, I need to reply to all my emails and solve any questions that students have. Usually I also have some Skype interviews with students and meetings with many universities or companies. I manage programs in Italy, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Germany, therefore I am always quite busy. I also need to deal with some documentation processes and advise students on visa requests. When I have some time, I also write content for our website and guest blogs, managing our social media and SEO. 

International students
Selfie with some of our students!

How does your own international travel experience influence your role with Spain Internship?

Traveling around Europe has broadened my horizons and helped me to be more open minded. Meeting new cultures made me better as a person and now I am more self confident both personally and at work.

What can we expect from Spain Internship in 2017?

Spain Internship will keep growing to offer more and more possibilities for our customers. This year we have been trying to optimize our processes and make them better, so students are getting a better service, and our companies as well. We are really focused on improving the quality of our service to reach excellence in 2017.

Are there any new internship placements in the works?

We are working on a new line of luxury fashion placements, which are going to be a really special program with only a few spots every year.