Marianna Ledonne - 2011 Program Participant

Marianna with her Sister at the Fontana della Barcaccia in Rome.
Marianna with her Sister at the Fontana della Barcaccia in Rome.

How did you choose International Studies Abroad for your study abroad experience?

I chose ISA to go abroad with because they made the study abroad process/experience less intimidating. Everyone I spoke with at ISA Headquarters was extremely helpful and a joy to work with. I also liked the university they partnered with better than the other companies.

An Alumni of Rowan University, what advice would you give to other Rowan students going to study abroad in Rome?

I would tell Rowan students to appreciate every day they are abroad. I was very homesick and wished the time would pass quicker some days, but now I definitely wish time would have gone slower. Also, go off the beaten path. Explore cities on your own (during the daytime, in safe areas of course) and live like a local.

What made Rome so amazing for study abroad in Italy? 

My favorite place in Rome was where my university was. I went to the American University of Rome which is situated on the Gianicolo Hill. On top of that hill is a park with the best views of Rome. It was nice to just sit and relax up there after class with a slice of pizza or panino.

What class did you enjoy most while abroad?

My favorite class was food writing. We ate something almost every day and just wrote about it! It was great. The class was full of diversity, which made for very colorful expressions of food, and the conversation was always lively.

How has studying abroad changed your life?

Study abroad taught me how to be independent. Not that I wasn't already, but I was put in situations that made me think outside the box. I still refer back to those moments and am grateful that I had them. Being abroad also taught me to be culturally aware of my surroundings and appreciate my life back in the USA more.