Kelsey Loveless - 2013 Program Participant

Study abroad students in from of the Tower Bridge in London, England

Kelsey Loveless (London History Program 2013) and Deanna Myer (London Internship Program 2013) standing in front of Tower Bridge after visiting the Tower of London. 

Why did you choose to study abroad? Why London?

I chose to study abroad in order to gain a different perspective on my studies. While I have always enjoyed studying in Boston, I knew that BU has an excellent study abroad program and that when the opportunity presented itself, I had to take advantage. I particularly chose to study in the UK because I have always enjoyed British history and I knew that the London History Program would provide an excellent opportunity to simultaneously learn about the history of Britain, as well as visit some of the historical sites associated with what we studied. Studying abroad is one of the best decisions I’ve made while at BU and I would highly recommend it if you get the opportunity!

St. Lukes Church in Liverpool, England

Visiting St. Luke’s Church in while on the London History Programme trip to Liverpool, England. The church had been bombed during the Second World War and the grounds are now a public garden.

Why did you select BU over other study abroad programs?

The BU London housing for study abroad students is located in South Kensington. This location was great because it was conveniently located close to couple of main tube and bus stops, which made it much easier and faster to get around the city. The facilities are also close to some major London sites, such as Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall, and spectacular museums. For our courses, we would often run over to the Victoria and Albert or the Natural History Museum to see something we had discussed that day in class since the location was so convenient! 

Why would you want to return to London?

After the first time I studied abroad in London, I almost immediately knew that I wanted to return because one semester was not enough to see all that the city has to offer. This is the same case for the courses BU London offered as well. There are a variety of classes in various subjects that you can take while abroad, and I was particularly interested in returning to take the History Program as the classes offered a different perspective on history than what I would have experienced in the United States. There are also so many things to do just in the city of London, and there is always something new to see that I knew returning would give me another chance to attempt to visit the seemingly limitless sites and events going on there.

Dartmoor National Park near Okehampton, England

Hiking in Dartmoor National Park near Okehampton, England.

How has your experience studying abroad impacted your life?

Studying abroad has helped to make me more independent. While abroad, I had to learn to balance my coursework along with all the excellent attractions and events that I wanted to do in the city. For many of the course field trips we often had to find our way to museums and sites on our own, which encouraged us to use our navigation skills. We also had a fall break during which we were able to travel with groups of other students. The BU Student Affairs Office was helpful in providing travel books and recommendations.

I also benefited from studying abroad as it gave me a different perspective into teaching and learning styles. Since we were being taught by British professors, we learned from people who really understood their country and its culture. For instance, in my London at War class, we focused a great deal on the First World War, which is a topic that was often skimmed over in my general history classes back from high school. We even had a field trip to Belgium to see some of the WWI battlefields and memorials, which was an incredible and unique experience!

Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland near the Edinburgh Castle

Old Town, Edinburgh from the front of Edinburgh Castle.

Would you recommend your BU program to others?

I would highly recommend the BU London History Program. We covered a variety of British history throughout the three months abroad without it feeling crammed or rushed. My favorite part was our research seminar, in which we were able to focus on any British historical topic for our research papers. To aid with our research, we were given membership to the London Library and visited the National Archives. Having the accessibility to these amazing resources was a unique experience that really assisted in building our research skills. The faculty were also excellent and presented the history of the UK in a clear and relatable manner. We often would discuss a historical event and then follow that class with a field trip that directly corresponded with the history we had learned that day. Some of the larger trips that we went on included a visit to Oxford and an overnight trip to Liverpool, which were great for understanding various historical aspects of the UK!

What important tips can you give to future participants of the BU London program?

The first advice that I would give to someone considering a study abroad program would be that if you are given the opportunity to do so, take advantage! Studying abroad has been the highlight of my time at BU. Studying in a different country or region broadens individuals’ perspective of world societies and cultures. I found that I was constantly learning while abroad, both in the classroom and while out exploring the city I was in. The BU study abroad programs also have excellent locations all over the world, and there really is a program for just about every area of study. While abroad, I would also say that it is important to make the most out of every single day. There are a variety of places to visit and learn from, and since time there is limited, it makes it all the more crucial to visit, experience, and learn from the environment! 

Hiking in Dartmoor National Park new Okehampton, England

Deanna Myer (BU London Internship Program 2013) hiking in Dartmoor National Park near Okehampton, England.