Corrin Trombley - 2015 Program Participant

A view of Piazzale Michelangelo

Enjoying the view from Piazzale Michelangelo.

What attracted you to live in Italy?

I studied abroad as a junior in college back in 2010. I completely fell in love with the Italian way of life and all things Italy! I came back because I wanted a true experience of really living in another country. So far things are great!

Why did you choose to take ITTT’s online certification courses?

I chose the ITTT online course because it was the program most readily available to me, both in terms of finances and time. I am currently working on many new projects so it was perfect for me to be able to complete the program at my own pace, and with the tutor and video support I didn't feel that I was missing too much from an in-class program. The face-to-face experience is always great and I plan on taking a course in the future because you can never stop learning. But for now, this program really helped without costing too many sacrifices.

What was your favorite part about taking courses online as opposed to in a classroom?

It was online so I could do it in my pajamas! Haha, just kidding. As I said above, the flexibility to work it into my own schedule was great!

What made ITTT’s program unique from other online certification programs?

The tutor and video support! I was the first online program I participated in where I almost felt like I was actually there! ITTT and its tutors went above and beyond to help.

How did ITTT make sure you were supported in your courses?

As I mentioned above, the tutors were readily available to help.

What's one thing you wish you would have done differently during your coursework?

Honestly, nothing. As I said before, there is always more to learn so I would like to add an in-class program to my repertoire in the future but at the moment this program was exactly what I needed.

What was it like taking online courses?

I would wake up, go about my morning, eat lunch, then put myself in front of the computer and dedicate the time for one to two units a day. I had my certificate in just about a month!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Yoga, it keeps my head clear!

You live in Italy now, what is your living situation like?

I live at home with my boyfriend and his Italian mamma and babbo! They are wonderful, it makes the distance from my family in the states so much easier.