GoAbroad Interview

Brittany Lowe - Business Development Manager USA

Brittany Lowe - BUNAC Business Development Manager USA

Before working for BUNAC, Brittany studied abroad in Spain, taught English in South Korea, and worked for a human rights organization. She now serves as Business Development Manager for BUNAC, based in the U.S. In addition to being passionate about travel, seeing new places and understanding different cultures, Brittany is a total foodie! It’s one of her favourite parts of traveling - getting to try new cuisines. Though she is absolutely terrified of flying, Brittany has flown round the world a few times and travels frequently, which she believes illustrates that “you can’t let anything stop you in pursuing your passions!”

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What does your role entail?

I lead U.S. outbound programs which go to various locations, including the Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

How did you become involved with BUNAC?

I learned about BUNAC when I returned from South Korea where I worked as an English teacher and was looking for a job in the Work Abroad field. I’ve been with BUNAC for over a year and a half now.

In your opinion, what makes BUNAC programs interesting to potential participants?

BUNAC’s U.S. outbound programs offer something for anyone who has an interest in going global! Whether it is interning, working, or volunteering in Europe, Asia, Latin America, or Africa, we have something for everyone! 

How does BUNAC make sure students are prepared for their international program?

All of BUNAC’s programs come with pre-departure support and arrival support in the forms of handbooks, orientations, and of course, personal one-to-one assistance with our knowledgeable staff. We are more than happy to help participants with any concerns they may have, from visa issues to what the pack and where to live.

How extensive is the typical BUNAC orientation process?

Most orientations will cover the basics of moving to another country. This includes a general overview of the destination, culture, and travel, safety, and legal matters, as well as local hotspots of entertainment and accommodation.

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Brittany in Canada.

How does BUNAC personalize support for every participant?

BUNAC provides one-on-one support for the duration of the all of our trips. If we don’t know the answer right away, we’ll find it for you! In cases of emergency or insurance problems, participants can rest assured that BUNAC and our partners are always just a phone call away and ready to assist them with any roadblock they may face.

In what ways does BUNAC provide opportunities for immersion once participants arrive at their destination?

BUNAC partners provide lots of ways to network when in the destination country. They offer online forums, social events, pub meet ups, and of course, the resource offices where participants are always hanging around.

What do you see as the number one highlight of BUNAC programs?

The highlight of BUNAC programs is definitely the close support network participants have when travelling with us. Many of our applicants are first time world travellers and it eases nerves immensely to know that you’re not alone!

How do you hope to enhance BUNAC U.S. outbound programs in the future?

My main goals to enhance our programs for the future would probably be emphasize the participation in group flights. This is really a unique experience that allows participants to start building their travel network before they even arrive at their destination. With exciting stopovers in places like Fiji, I can’t imagine any participant not want to take advantage of this opportunity!