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Aoife Bradley - Program Coordinator

Aoife Bradley - Stint Ireland Program Coordinator

Having spent several years studying and working in Japan, Aoife found herself drawn back to the land of potatoes and Guinness, and who wouldn't be. From her experiences abroad she endeavours to help other young people discover the amazing opportunities that await them here in Ireland by doing an internship through Stint Ireland.

How long have you been with Stint Ireland?

Eight months.

Which Stint Ireland programs do you lead? What is the best part of working for Stint Ireland?

As the programme coordinator I don’t coordinate one programme specifically, rather, I take care of all of our interns, from when they first enquire, to when they arrive in Ireland, until they depart Dublin to return home. The best part is that I get to meet so many amazing young people from all over the world, it’s brilliant.

Friends having drinks at The Shaw

The Shaw.

What makes Stint Ireland stand out from other program providers in Ireland?

Cheesy answer, but our team. With years of experiences abroad under our belts we understand this sector. We learn from our own experiences and nurture and develop the Stint Programme to be the best it can be.

Describe an ideal program participant.

Adventurous. Fun. Doesn’t mind rain. Likes drinking tea.

Why is Ireland a great place to study and intern abroad?

The people. Opportunities. Close proximity to the rest of Europe. The craic.

What does a typical Stint Ireland orientation include?

A big cead míle fáilte from one of the team where we’ll help you to get your bearings and figure out how to spend your first few days in Dublin, before the first day of your internship.

Archer at the Game of Thrones Tour

Aoife practicing her archery during the Game of Thrones Tour.

What does Stint Ireland want to teach participants most?

To never underestimate the power of an experience abroad.

How do you help participants cope with the change in environment and culture?

We make ourselves available very regularly to catch up with our participants in person and see how they are doing and always provide a listening ear.

What is the most important long-term benefit of participating in international education programs, in your opinion? How about Stint Ireland specifically?

From my own personal experience, of studying and working in Japan, an experience abroad always stands out in interviews and is a real reflection of your adaptability and ability to cope with situations out of the ordinary.

How will Stint Ireland develop program offerings further in the near future?

We’re in the process of developing our Work Abroad Programme.