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Angela Barbera - Office & Accommodation Manager

Angela Barbera - Office & Accommodation Manager

Angela studied politics and international relations at the University of Messina. During her undergraduate she was able to participate in an Erasmus exchange program, which allowed her to study at the University of Konstanz in Germany. Considering her educational background, it is no wonder she has spent time studying multiple languages, including English, German, French, and Spanish. Angela worked in the tourism industry as a travel agent for over ten years, before she started working at Babilonia in 2006.

What inspired you to work for Babilonia?

The international environment and the possibility of being part of a cultural and educational company, fostering my ability to lead complex projects within a multicultural perspective.

Angela Barbera, Office Manager of Babilonia Language School

Angela in the school garden

What does your travel history look like?

I have always been very fond of travelling, which for me is the most enriching experience in life. As a child, I travelled all around Italy with my family, and since then I have visited almost all of Europe, North Africa, China, and Mexico.

How do your own international experiences help you in your work at Babilonia?

My knowledge of foreign languages and my international background is fundamental to my job here at Babilonia, because it allows me to have a better understanding of different cultures and customs

What do you think the biggest benefit of learning a second language is?

Learning a language is not just learning the language itself, it opens the door to another culture; it enriches not only you personally, but also it is a chance to enhance your professional opportunities.

Inside a monastery cloister in Italy

Visiting a monastery cloister

What do you think makes Babilonia unique?

Babilonia is an Italian school which enrolls international students from around the world. Language classes have a maximum of ten students (most commonly six to eight). Students in our Italian language courses range from 18 to 80 years old and represent many different cultures and backgrounds. We welcome this diversity and encourage cross-cultural exchanges and learning whenever possible. We believe this makes for a more interesting and enjoyable experience for everyone. The school’s location is awesome; it is set within a beautiful garden in the heart of the city centre. All of this combined makes Babilonia unique.

What type of accommodation options do Babilonia students have?

Our school offers different types of accommodation to students, such as :

  • Shared student apartment
  • Independent apartment (studio)
  • Homestay (B&B, half-board, full-board)
  • Pension (2-star hotels)
  • Hotels (3, 4, 5-star hotels)

Babilonia staff member welcoming a new student

At the office, welcoming a new student

How much support do students receive during their program from the Babilonia staff?

Customer care and satisfaction is my first and main goal. I pay close attention to the needs of our customers from when they make their first request to us, through to completing their booking and welcoming them when they arrive at our school. My priority is to assist them efficiently with a professional attitude.

What is your best piece of advice for students considering studying in Italy?

Come and discover the real Italian culture beyond the common stereotypes of pizza and mandolino! Italy has more world heritage sites than any other country on Earth; in Sicily alone, we have seven sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. All of them can be easily reached from Taormina, which is the ideal place not only for learning a new language but also to understand the culture and interesting complexity of our history.

What does a typical day of work look like for you?

I start at 8.30 a.m. and I mainly answer all the emails we receive regarding booking requests. I also provide front desk customer service for all our students’ questions and issues. I am also the accommodation manager, and I am in constant contact with our landlords.

Hiking on Monte Naturi

Hiking on Monte Naturi

What do you like most about working for Babilonia?

The stimulating environment and the variety of aspects I can face every day. I get to split my time between creative and organizational tasks. I am never bored!

What do students love most about Babilonia?

The combination of a relaxed learning environment and a professional attitude towards teaching. Moreover, our students always compliment us on the rich variety of nationalities and ages that they find at school.