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Shaina Moran

Shaina Moran Marketing Specialist, IES Internships

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

Shaina is the Marketing Specialist for IES Internships and Customized Programs at IES Abroad, a global, not-for-profit academic consortium. In her travels, she has led student groups to Hong Kong and London, stayed on a friend’s family farm in Greece, biked through Berlin, and interviewed interns in Sydney. In addition to her work with IES Internships, Shaina has worked in university career services and earned her MBA in marketing management.

Articles By Shaina Moran

9 Best World Cities for Summer Internships Abroad Published 27 Jan 2017

When considering summer international internships, you might know the exact type of internship or field you’d like to work in. But when the world is your oyster, it can be difficult to decide in which international city to intern abroad. Make memories,...