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Nathan Scott

Nathan Scott President & Executive Director, Winterline Global Education

"A ship in port is safe; but that is not what ships are built for." - Grace Murray Hopper

Nathan has been working in the field of international education for the past 20 years. He began as an international educator working one-on-one with students, then moved on to become the Executive Director of the global educational non-profit SAGE, or "Studies Abroad for Global Education.” Currently, Nathan serves as the President and Executive Director of Winterline Global Education, a global gap year program offering skills-based experiential education.

Articles By Nathan Scott

What to Avoid When Taking a Gap Year Published 08 Aug 2017

Don't make these all-too-common mistakes on your gap year abroadAs gap years have gained popularity in the United States more recently (they have been around for a much longer time in Britain and the rest of Europe), there have been many more conversat...