These Summer Jobs for Teachers Abroad are Hot Hot Hot

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Want to spend your holiday teaching overseas for the summer?

Your classroom is packed up. Your lesson plans are stored away. You are waving through the window as the last group of kids boards the bus to head home. School’s out for the summer! Some teachers may be ready to close the door on your academic year, throw on a pair of flip flops, and sip a fruity drink by the pool. But, maybe you’re not quite done yet and you’re itching to put your teaching skills to use abroad. Lucky for you, there are hoards of teachers that pursue teaching abroad for the summer.

Make the Most of Your Break: Summer Jobs for Teachers Abroad

If you are ready to make the most of your break, check out the summer jobs for teachers abroad below to help you make your decision. We’ve broken down some exciting opportunities by region of the world, so all you need to do is scroll through them, pick your fave, and then make your next adventure happen! 

From South America to Africa to Eastern Europe, and everywhere in between, we have looked high and low to find summer teaching jobs that are interested in hiring you right now!

Summer teaching jobs in South America

Cuenca, Ecuador through the early morning haze

Head south of the border into Ecuador for your summer teach abroad adventure.

1. Private International School Teaching Jobs in Guyana with Teach Away

OK, maybe you’re here actually looking for ways to extend your two-month summer vacation into two years…if so, why not consider teaching overseas for the summer at a private school in South America? Schools typically prefer candidates sign a two-year contract, but you could always look into their summer school options or ways to support their classroom that coincides with your break. The perfect find for paid summer teaching jobs abroad!

  • Where: Guyana
  • What: Teaching at a private school in Guyana
  • How Long: Summer support to two years contract

2. World Teach's Summer Volunteer Teaching in Ecuador

If you’ve been telling yourself that you just want to give this international teaching thing a try (not a full two year commitment), then consider summer jobs for teachers in Ecuador. With a rigorous orientation and established support system, this volunteer program is designed for teachers who want to support other teachers while getting the opportunity to experience a new culture. You’ll live with a host family and each authentic Ecuadorian lunches with your colleagues while soaking up the stellar views and rich history that surrounds you everywhere you go. 

  • Where: Ecuador 
  • What: Teaching primary or secondary school summer classes 
  • When: 5-8 weeks

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Summer teaching jobs in Africa

Baobab tree-lined road in Madagascar
Walk Baobab tree-lined roads to class when you work as a teaching assistant in Madagascar.

3. Teach English to Kids in Madagascar with Frontier

While the U.N. Millennium Challenge goal of primary education for all means that many, if not all in some places, children are in school – that doesn’t necessarily ensure they are receiving a quality education. Classrooms may be full and teachers unprepared to meet the challenge of overstuffed classrooms and children eager to learn. That’s where you come in! With this teaching program you can be paired with a Malagasi teacher providing support in their classroom as your work toward your TEFL certificate. 

  • Where: Madagascar
  • What: Earn your TEFL certificate while teaching English 
  • When: Varies

4. Teach in South Africa with Connect 123

From teaching overseas for the summer and tutoring to helping with reading programs to assisting with the overall operations of schools, this teaching program in South Africa allows you to explore the facets of teaching that you like most, or are eager to expand your skill set in. To make sure you have your blinders off before you dive in (especially if there’s a great white shark around!), check out these 5 Things You Should Know Before Teaching in South Africa

  • Where: Cape Town, Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • What: Volunteer teaching positions for students and professionals
  • When: Year round

Summer teaching jobs in Asia

Rice terraces on the hillsides of Vietnam
Enjoy sprawling views of rice paddies when you spend a summer teaching in Vietnam.

5. Short Term Summer Teaching Jobs in China with API

When you head back to your classroom at the end of your break, wouldn’t you love to not only say you had a great break, but to be able to say it in Mandarin? While teaching abroad for the summer with this program in China, you will receive introductory Mandarin lessons and pro-tips for assimilating into your new classroom culture (trust us, it's quite different!). Before you choose a program, keep these 7 Things in Mind When Searching for English Teaching Jobs in China.

  • Where: Guiyang, Hunan, Shenyang, Yangzhou
  • What: Teach English to Chinese primary or secondary school students
  • When: Summer, 1-3 months

6. Teach English in Vietnam with Greenheart Travel

Would you like to spend your break living in a country where you can eat pho every day? Check out these 10 Reasons To Discover Asia While Teaching English in Vietnam to see how summer teaching jobs in Vietnam position you for the most epic Asian trip of a lifetime! With this teach abroad program, you will get to discover what it’s like working in Vietnamese classrooms with plenty of time to get out and explore the country and surrounding areas. Teaching overseas for the summer never looked so attractive!

  • Where: Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam
  • What: Teach English in Vietnamese public schools
  • When: 12 weeks

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Summer teaching jobs in Europe

Picturesque buildings in Warsaw, Poland

Help Polish students polish their English while you explore this picturesque Eastern European country.

7. Volunteer Vacation in Poland with Global Volunteers

We’re practically packing our bags after reading the description for this teach abroad opportunity in Poland! You won’t forget that you’re on your summer break as you explore this opportunity with Polish students eager to perfect their English on their own holiday. And if you are looking for an authentic experience with Polish people, this teach abroad program offers the chance to live with Polish people so you can share your teaching expertise and get to know about the people you are serving on your summer break!

  • Where: Siedlce region and Zakopane, Poland
  • What: Teach conversational English in rural elementary and high-schools
  • When: 1-2 weeks, 2-4 weeks

Make the most of your break by teaching abroad for the summer!

Does a summer lounging by the pool, catching up on television shows, and trying to rub the memory of your school year out of your shoulders sound a little, well, boring? There’s nothing wrong with relaxing – you deserve it after a long, hard year of teaching kiddos! For those teachers who just can’t get enough of the classroom and want to get in a little international travel during their summers, these summer teaching jobs abroad for certified teachers are made for you.

Get wild and spend your evenings learning more about the programs and countries where you could spend your summer break. We can assure you that once you return home, you will not regret your decision

You may have something else in mind for your teaching abroad adventure that what we listed above – and that is totally okay! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of summer jobs for teachers abroad. We hope you will spend a little time doing your homework, reading reviews of the programs and reaching out to alumni to make sure it’s a good fit. After all, the summer is short, but that doesn’t mean you need to skimp on your research!

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