Take the Plunge & Find Divemaster Jobs Abroad

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The ocean is your oyster!

Can you relate: just rounding a year of being in the rat race and pushing papers, you’ve been manically clawing at your cage to escape. You long for an out. You need a plan, and you need it fast – sitting alone in a cubicle is one of the things you want to get away from!

And then, you have a moment of clarity. As your legs are cramping up in your tiny workspace and you’re shredding hundreds of your boss’s old meeting minutes, you’re daydreaming about a past trip to a tropical paradise. You’re reminiscing on its magnificent, vibrant, underwater world that is a treat for any scuba diver. Wishing you were there and not here any day of the week, you suddenly ask yourself, “If you want to get away that bad, why not become a padi divemaster and find scuba diving jobs abroad?”

Bing! The light bulb(s) in your head start going off like the finale of a fireworks show. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? It is glaringly obvious! I love diving, I love tropical locations, I love to travel. This is crazy enough to work. What do I have to lose?

Now you have it. The perfect mix of business and pleasure. It’s time to dive right in...

Scuba diver descending deep in the ocean
Forget about soaring to new heights–soar to new depths!

Ask Yourself: Am I Really Ready for Scuba Diving Jobs?

You’ve made the choice and the deep blue is certainly calling to you. Whether you’re an experienced underwater explorer or are a first timer determined to take the plunge, you have some important things to consider before you look into jobs for divemasters abroad. Scuba diving is an athletic form of work, so you have to have a certain level of fitness; however, you don’t have to be an Olympian. Further, understand that certain medical conditions like asthma, lung/chest diseases, epilepsy, and more can preclude you from diving, so make sure you read through the Padi medical statement and questionnaire. It’s always a great idea to get a health checkup to make sure you are able to pass all diving health assessments too.

If you have never dived before, take your first course before burning your briefcase and see what you think. Like re-training for any career, it’s going to take some investment and time to be ready for scuba diving jobs. Budget about $300 to $500 for your PADI certification (including book, pool, open water certified dives) and, depending on how fancy you want to get, your equipment could cost upwards of $1000 or more. Consider your cost of living if you are planning to get scuba certified abroad. Money shouldn’t be the reason you choose not to do something exciting with your life, so just make sure you are making a budget and factoring in all potential costs.

PRO TIP: Think carefully before signing yourself up for divemaster jobs where you can work off the fees for your courses. Sometimes the work you are asked to do is not anything to do with diving. Research, research, research!

People on a boat gathered around scuba diving equipment
Master the craft of being a divemaster! Photo Credit: Ayesha Cantrell

Then Ask: What are my Options for Scuba Diving Employment?

You already had one life-changing travel epiphany—don’t wait for another! Do some quality research to find a scuba diving job that best suits your needs, whether you need certification or you’re ready to work immediately. At this point, you’ve already decided you want to scuba your way through life, so now you need to know: What kind of scuba diving jobs abroad are available to me?

  • Pick a country. Not every nation is blessed with copious coastlines full of enchanting sea creatures. We definitely recommend steering clear of having your heart set on any landlocked countries, for instance. Even so, the most popular destinations for divemaster jobs are Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Tanzania.
  • Find a gig! The easiest way to connect with potential employers of divemasters is to browse the GoAbroad.com scuba jobs directory.
  • Want more info? Other potential online resources to find divemaster jobs abroad include: Diversjobs.com and Divezone.net.
Scuba diver photographing a rock formation under water
Discover a whole new world beneath the waves

Whatever you decide, make sure you review the GoAbroad Embassy Directory for any visa restrictions on the countries you’re considering.

PRO TIP: You don’t have to do all of your scuba training in one place. This way you can experience different locations and dive environments as you go. Plus, you’ll gain a new set of contacts for when you are qualified and looking for divemaster jobs!

Put your Scuba Gear On & Dive Right In!

Let life be simple. Hand in your two weeks (or whatever the appropriate notice is) notice and let it be the best thing you ever do for yourself, even if everyone thinks your spontaneity is crazy! This is your choice, not anyone else’s, and, cliche as it may seem, life is too short to do anything less than what you love.

Be smart and save up enough to allow you to jump right in. You will need to pay for your scuba courses, travel, gear, food, accommodation, and a contingency fund as well. Remember, if you are sick, you can’t work until you’re 100 percent. It’s smart to expect the unexpected when pursuing jobs for divemasters overseas (or under them). Ask yourself the important questions as you go, and you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way!

Ocean wave texture
Wash away the worries and live life abroad

On The Surface

This may be the best decision you ever make, and you may eventually wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Working abroad will have you always looking forward and never wanting to return to “normal life.” Divemaster jobs abroad will take you around the world and give you access to its wonders beneath its waters’ surfaces. You will see some amazing sights, not to mention live in some truly awesome locations! While you may not get rich, but you WILL be waking up with an irreplaceable passion to go to work every day – heck, who wouldn’t with scuba diving employment – and that, dear friends, is priceless.

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