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Your first time working abroad can seem overwhelming and no one knows that better than we do. That’s why we scoured our expert articles directory to come up with a comprehensive resource of tips for first time expats embarking on working abroad programs.

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Every time you read an article that tells you to quit your job and travel...

Choosing to travel and work overseas isn’t just an easy ticket to traveling 24/7. Hello? It’s WORK. You’re there to work hard and make a positive impact on local and international organizations. In the process, you’re also there to learn—about yourself, about your host culture, about your chosen career path, and about the world at large. You’re going to work hard, play hard, and explore far and wide. It won’t be easy, but we think you’re up to the task. 

Ask yourself:

Are you ready to work abroad? 

DEFINITELY. Let’s go! 

What are your first steps? 

Wait. There are steps? 

How do you make the most of this experience? 


How important is knowing the language before you get there? 


The list of questions to ask before preparing to travel and work overseas just gets longer and longer the more you think about it. But, we’ve already thought about it. In fact, at GoAbroad we’ve thought about it for 20+ years in the field, and we’ve learned a thing or two in all that time.

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Working? Or checking yourself out in the dusty reflection of your laptop? Probably both.

As part of GoAbroad’s mission to provide the best and most comprehensive resources for meaningful travelers and anyone wanting to figure out how to work overseas; our writers share their best first time work abroad tips every step of the way. Consider it your go-to working abroad checklist. 

From sage advice like…

“Never, ever, ever, EVER lie on your resume. NEVER. Not only is it unprofessional and dishonest, you will also probably get caught in the lie. However, snagging job opportunities abroad without experience is all about pushing the boundaries a little when selling yourself as a qualified candidate.” 

Danielle DeSimone, “How to Get a Job Overseas with No Experience”

To tips like…

“While you might see problems you can fix, realize that you probably aren’t seeing the big picture yet (not to mention you could just come across as arrogant!). So ask questions, gather information, and observe. Get a sense of what is happening in the background and why.”

Mary Ellen Dingley, “5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Working Abroad for the First Time”

Time to get to WERK

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You knew we were going to include this.

Our writers have the inside scoop on navigating your first job abroad. They know all about the struggle to find jobs, the anxiety around the dreaded Skype interview, and finally securing that coveted work visa. 

You don’t have to take our word for it, but you should take theirs! They’re the experts with real experience and all the best info on how and where to find jobs, the best possible program options for you, how to fund your time abroad, and anything you might need to know. So, now you can go out into the world and really soak it all in!

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