The 10 Best Fields for Internships in Vietnam

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Lying on the eastern part of the Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam is a strip of land shaped like the letter “S.” It is located on the crossroad of many important international maritime traffic flows and crucial linkage connecting Laos, Cambodia, Northeastern Thailand, and Southwest China with the ocean. Thanks to these geopolitical advantages, Vietnam has favorable conditions for international exchange with other countries in Asia, and around the world. Vietnam is best-known as one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, with mysterious natural beauty, and for the hospitality of its people, but internships in Vietnam bring the country to a whole other level.

Interns working in an office in Hanoi, Vietnam

Business Internship - MKT Intern at her company in Hanoi

Internships in Vietnam provide individuals with the '3 in 1' experience of a lifetime, combining professional experience, academic experience and local experience.

But, not every field is equally beneficial to explore in Vietnam. In order to get out the most out of your time as an intern in Vietnam, start your search for placements in one of the following fields:

1. Information Technology

Vietnam has moved a long way from being a technology backwater to become one of the fastest growing technological markets. Thanks to its newly developed software industry, the Vietnamese technology market has grown from less than 10 to more than 750 firms, now employing over 4,000 people, in just 10 years. If you grab the chance to complete an IT Internship in Vietnam, you could have the opportunity work side-by-side with a product manager, do market research to understand how to meet customers’ needs, take market demands into ideas and design new products, develop and maintain design wire frames or mock ups, and so much more.

2. Engineering

Viewed as the core of the nation's industrialization, the engineering industry has been given high priority in the national development strategy. Engineering is playing an especially important role in the economic development of the Mekong Delta region. The goal of the industry's strategies are primarily to increase efficiency, so Vietnam can achieve a level of technological advancement and competitiveness that is on par with other countries in Southeast Asia, and Asia at large. Engineering internships in Vietnam will bring about an authentic experience of the industry and open up doors for future career opportunities in an exciting, competitive market.

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

3. Education

Getting more and more integrated in global education, Vietnam has invested time and money into reforming the education system, and has therefore opened its doors to more widely used educational philosophies. As an education intern in Vietnam, interns can play an active role in bringing international experience and innovation into local institutions, while actively contributing to the local community.

4. Business

Considering its “pivot position,” due to its geo-strategic significance in Southeast Asia, and existing role as the transport junction between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, Vietnam has attracted increasing investments and establishments of international firms in a variety of sectors. Business internships in Vietnam will without a doubt be great springboards for further career opportunities abroad.

5. Agriculture

A traditionally agricultural-based economy, Vietnam has been advancing toward an industrialized economy overtime. This shift opens up many opportunities for students to complete agriculture internships. Interns will have the chance to study agricultural techniques as well as environmental issues arising during the modernization and industrialization of the country, so as to address the topic of sustainable development in Vietnam. 

Agriculture intern working in a greenhouse in Vietnam

Agriculture internship = real experience

6. Hospitality

The Vietnamese tourism industry is set to continue its recent growth for the foreseeable future, as Vietnam gradually establishes itself as a leading travel destination in Southeast Asia. There are many beneficial aspects of hospitality internships in Vietnam and many potential roles to fill, such as: sales coordinator, marketing, and customer service. If you have ever thought about working at a hotel, resort, or conference center, a hospitality internship in Vietnam is likely right for you.

7. Tourism

With cultural beauty, modern attractions, and stable peace, Vietnam is a top destination for tourism in Southeast Asia, which nurtures numerous opportunities for tourism enterprises to flourish, with big investments and creative competition. Tourism internships in Vietnam will not only give you professional experience in the field, these opportunities will also allow you to explore the history and culture of Vietnam.

8. Social Work

Along with the development of the economy, Vietnam is facing unique (as well as long-standing) social problems. To solve these societal issues, many nonprofit organizations and social enterprises have been founded to help people in need. Students who choose to intern in social work will have chance to observe how local people are dealing with economic growth, what populations are being left behind, and examine the layers of disadvantage impeding overall growth across society.

9. Environmental Conservation

As a result of rapid economic development, population growth, and urbanization, Vietnam faces significant environmental challenges, which has led to need for environmental conservation initiatives. Those who intern in Vietnam in environmental protection placements can study Vietnam's environmental issues and how Vietnam’s government and businesses are dealing with environmental problems, as well as find sustainable development solutions.

Tourists doing a yoga pose while hiking in Vietnam

Interns in a local excursion with the native

10. Medicine & Healthcare

As the economy is still developing, Vietnam is still in the process of developing a universal healthcare system, which will cover all residents and provide them with basic healthcare coverage and services. Since the 1990s, Vietnam has made excellent progress, and today, Vietnam is generally providing good quality healthcare to its citizens. Completing internships in medicine or healthcare in Vietnam will give students the chance to get to know the local healthcare system, witness a variety of conditions and procedures, and develop strong relationships with local medical staff.

So what are you waiting for? Find an internship in Vietnam now!

This article was contributed by Student Exchange Vietnam, an organization that provides a range of unique internships in a variety of fields all over Vietnam. SE Vietnam works with each student to determine an individualized placement that meets each student’s professional and academic interests and skills.