[INFOGRAPHIC] Should I get my Degree Abroad or at Home?

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The pros & cons of getting a degree abroad vs. at home

The fall semester is fast approaching, and whether you’re looking at undergraduate programs or continuing your education with a graduate degree, the research phase of reading up on schools, programs, states, cities, and towns, has you pulling at your hair and biting your nails down to nubs.

Ask yourself: Should I get my degree abroad, or at home? The answer might surprise you! (But, it also might not, let’s be real here…) Here are the pros and cons of getting a degree abroad vs. at home:

Getting a Degree Abroad vs. Getting a Degree at Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Academics Abroad or at Home

Sure, you can register for that “Easy-A-History 101” class and barely scratch the surface on all the major moments in U.S. or world history… OR you can take “The Impact of Colonialism on Modern Day Morocco” with a Nobel Laureate (probably).

Getting your degree abroad means you’ll have a more diverse group of peers in every class, you’ll likely have smaller class sizes right off the bat (and avoid 300+ person lectures), and more face time with professors.

If we’re sorting through the pros and cons of getting a degree abroad vs. at home, it’s worth mentioning that you should double check program requirements and make sure that your international degree will be accepted if you decide to work in the states. 

Day-to-Day Life Abroad vs. at Home 

No two days will look the same getting your degree abroad. Every morning you’ll get up not knowing who you’ll meet or precisely where you’ll go as you explore your new city, university, and country.

Back at home, it’s a treat if you have the one “cool” TA who sometimes lets you have discussion outside on the quad, but when you get your degree abroad you’ll find yourself out of the classroom and right in the middle of the art, history, language, and literature, you’re studying. 

Cost of a Degree Abroad vs. at Home 

Both at home and abroad, the cost of higher education is daunting. You just need to weigh out the various costs (both money and time). Depending on where you choose to get your degree, you could be saving big bucks on tuition, and many international degree programs are shorter than your standard four-year bachelor’s or two-year master’s in the U.S. That’s saving you time AND money!

Just make sure you’re factoring in cost-of-living as well as cost of travel, because you’re certainly not going to spend every weekend at home if you get your degree abroad! You’re out for passport stamps! 

Extra-curricular Activities Abroad vs. at Home 

Speaking of collecting passport stamps… Extracurriculars abroad are EXTRA. Jet-set on the weekends to explore your host-country and any dream destinations nearby. Rather than your good ol’ French club conversation group at the local coffee shop, join a conversation exchange in Paris and wander the Louvre discussing your favorite pieces!

Rather than sitting around waiting for the next season of “Game of Thrones,” take a weekend trip with your besties to Dubrovnik and wander the steps of King’s Landing yourself. Sure beats another long walk to and from an underwhelming frat party, right? 

Getting degrees abroad: next steps

Here’s step one: consider this your summer reading/to-do list. It’s a crash-course in all things earning your degree abroad. Step two: stamp that passport. Step three: get that paper!

Should I get my Degree Abroad or at Home?

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Decisions, decisions, & degrees abroad

Alright, grasshopper, now it’s up to you. We’ve given you all the tools you’ll need to make this life-altering, career-making decision. Choose wisely (we know you will). Any FOMO you think you might feel being so far away from home and your high school besties will be totally worth it. Besides, you’ve got places to go and new people to meet!

I mean, what could it hurt to send in one little application… you never know?

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