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If you're looking for the perfect volunteer abroad opportunity, then take an i-to-i TEFL qualification. With our range of classroom & online TEFL courses based in the US, you'll be able to start teaching and travelling quicker than you thought possible! As an established TEFL course provider in the US, we've qualified over thousands of people in TEFL and helped send these graduates overseas ...


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• In today’s world we are all connected. Knowing languages helps us discover new friends, new cultures and new perspectives. Selecting the right language school is a key step in your journey of discovery. You want to make the right choice—so, choose EC! • We are a family-owned and operated school so you benefit from both our size and our personal care and attention • At EC we offer you a choi...


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Join us in our road trip through the gorgeous Golden State! From San Francisco to Monterey, we’ll hike and camp through the state’s best national parks and enjoy the beautiful coast.


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WYC National Youth Representative is a leadership role at World Youth Council for young, driven people who are passionate about bringing social change. They represent the youth of their countries for WYC. Duties and responsibilities of the representative include: - Strategizing and ensuring maximum participation and volunteership - Designing new campaigns on specific country concerns - ...


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We are searching for skilled and passionate volunteers dedicated to supporting the efforts of Kiva’s Partnerships team. They will serve as our eyes and ears, collaborating directly with the clients and employees of our Field Partners. As Kiva Fellows, they report to portfolio managers in the region. They also contribute to the team and organization’s overall goals by executing a customized work...