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Volunteer and Learn on the Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

Experience the richness of the Blackfeet culture as a volunteer for one week. You're needed to help advance a number of educational, recreational and social projects on the reservation. For instance, you might help construct and repair playgrounds, landscape common areas, help organize a library, or paint classrooms. Volunteers frequently interact and entertain elders at the Blackfeet Tribal N...


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Affordable Volunteer Projects in the USA!

VFP offers over 3000 affordable, short-term voluntary service projects in 100+ countries, including annual projects in the US. These international voluntary service projects are an opportunity to participate in meaningful community service while living and interacting in an intercultural environment. Work projects include: construction/renovation of low-income housing or community buildings, hi...


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Westcoast Connection

This program is a one-of-a-kind partnership between the American Red Cross and Westcoast Connection. Washington, D.C. is not only the vibrant capital, but it’s been the home of the American Red Cross National Headquarters since 1881. The Red Cross through its network of volunteers, donors and partners is always there to help people affected by disasters, provide lifesaving blood and blood pr...


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International Programs

• In today’s world we are all connected. Knowing languages helps us discover new friends, new cultures and new perspectives. Selecting the right language school is a key step in your journey of discovery. You want to make the right choice—so, choose EC! • We are a family-owned and operated school so you benefit from both our size and our personal care and attention • At EC we offer you a choi...


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Volunteering Abroad through GivingWay

GivingWay is a free and open platform through which worldwide travelers connect with local nonprofit organizations seeking volunteers in a simple and direct manner. With hundreds of volunteering opportunities in over 80 countries worldwide, GivingWay makes it easy for everyone to find just the right cause to support. Whether you want to teach English in Thailand, help out in a white lion san...


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Visions offers teenagers opportunities for ambitious service work and cross-cultural immersion in the United States and abroad. We work with and for intercultural communities that lack financial and other development resources. Through service, authentic experience, and active exploration, we encourage new perspectives and dynamic learning. America's fourth largest state with less than one ...


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Teach Film on a Navajo Reservation | 100% Fully Funded

FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS sends filmmakers and art educators overseas to teach filmmaking, media literacy, and technology skills on a Navajo Native American Reservation. 100% Fully Funded! FWB is a non-profit arts organization that connects filmmakers with schools and community organizations in the developing world. Think of it as PeaceCorps for filmmakers. We send artists/educators abroad ...


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Volunteer World: Best Volunteer Abroad Programs Worldwide

Looking to apply your talent and expertise to a good cause? Find a program that matches your interests and skills through Volunteer World! We are the largest volunteer abroad comparison platform around the globe, enabling you to seek and compare offers from major travel agencies as well as smaller grassroots NGOs and local specialists in more than 80 countries. All these with just one click! ...


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WYC National Youth Representative

WYC National Youth Representative is a leadership role at World Youth Council for young, driven people who are passionate about bringing social change. They represent the youth of their countries for WYC. Duties and responsibilities of the representative include: - Strategizing and ensuring maximum participation and volunteership - Designing new campaigns on specific country concerns - ...


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Concordia International Volunteer Projects: Belarus

Join the International Volunteer Programme, which brings together international volunteers to work on short-term projects. They run a wide range of projects, such as Restoration, Conservation, Construction, Archaeology, Culture, and Art. They also host socially based projects like childrens play-schemes, working with children and adults with special needs, and teaching. The projects run fo...