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A Guide to Volunteering abroad in Pattaya

Sawadee ka! Thailand is the perfect place to find experiences outside the tourist bubble, visit Buddhist temples, and drink tea sweetened with condensed milk. But, have you considered bettering your travels by doing some service along the way? Why not volunteer abroad in Pattaya, and experience what’s it’s like to live in a city impacted by the pros and cons heavy tourism? As the second most visited place in Thailand, Pattaya provides unparalleled opportunity to adapt to a community affected by the masses. Keep reading, get moving, and volunteer in Pattaya!

What You Need to Know About Volunteering Abroad in Pattaya

With all of those people milling in and out of town, Pattaya has been unfortunately transformed by the sex industry. The numbers of people involved keep rising, impacting both the lives of the locals and the progression of the city as a whole. Volunteers are needed to help support victims, as well as give a helping hand in a variety of other projects.

Popular causes in Pattaya. Sadly, most tourists come to Pattaya looking for sex and nightlife. It definitely brings money to the city — so much, in fact, that it has created an industry. But have you thought about the impact this has on locals, women, and children? Community development is one way to volunteer in Pattaya. You can find community organizations focused on safety and health, and help children (especially those affected by the sex industry) find themselves with their smile again. 

Many sex workers come from impoverished northeast areas, and see selling their bodies as a way out of poverty. You might want to consider teaching English to victims of sex trafficking. Build true and meaningful relationships with them, and reflect upon helping these women recover their dignity and purpose in life. 

Short term volunteer programs in Pattaya. Once you’ve decided your what, it’s time to decide your how long! Since all the programs offered in Pattaya impact people directly, you will be able to create meaningful relationships built on respect, trust, and confidence in just a few weeks. Don’t worry if time is a limitation! You will make the most out of the experience in Pattaya. 

Opt for summer months to volunteer, which will be a great way to spend your days off and get involved in a pertinent, meaningful cause. 

Long term volunteer programs in Pattaya. It’s a challenging environment, but if you’re willing to go for the full experience— six months or more— the community and the people you’ll be working with will receive you gladly. Even if volunteering here sounds very specific, the opportunities are endless and the knowledge you’ll acquire will be unique and uncomparable! You will really change lives, to the point where these women will remember you forever.

Life in Pattaya, Thailand for International Volunteers

One of the privileges of being a volunteer is the chance to walk away from the project or the crisis and do some exploring. While you should obviously focus on the work, experiencing the lighter side of things is also important for understanding the Thai culture more holistically. Visit the Big Buddha, a great place to take those amazing pictures of your time abroad and enjoy the greatest view of the city. But wait, there’s more! Views aren’t all about cities. Try some parasailing and explore the ocean and beaches from another perspective, too.

Coming to Pattaya doesn’t mean staying in Pattaya — there are several opportunities for travel in Thailand. Get to know other regions of the Land of Smiles, or consider volunteering in multiple places within Thailand. This is not only beneficial to the communities, but it can complement your volunteering experience in Pattaya as well.

GoAbroad Inside Scoop for Volunteers in Pattaya, Thailand

When you travel, experiencing culture shock is inevitable. But, in Pattaya, it’s not only culture shock — it’s reality. If you come from more privileged areas, it might be intense to experience these inequalities at first, but you will soon find your way in this community. Try learning a little bit of Thai before coming here, as it will be helpful to break the basic language barriers and communicate with the people around you. 

Don’t forget — you make your own experience. Push yourself outside that comfort zone! It’s all about the exchange, stories, and kindness. Be sure to prepare your street smarts, your challenge seeking spirit and embark on what could be one of the most meaningful and rewarding journeys of your life! 

Even if this is one of the most visited cities in Thailand, most of its visitors go for tourism; be the one who visits for community reasons. Volunteer in Pattaya and make a real difference in the lives of others.

Feeling inspired? Keep learning! Read our comprehensive guide on volunteering abroad in Thailand.

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