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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Salamanca

Located in the Northwestern Castilla y Leon region lies one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, golden sandstone architecture, renaissance influenced streets, and a huge student population that leaves the city buzzing. While Salamanca has not always been a top destination for travelers in Spain, it has recently popped up on the map after the addition of a nearby airport, attracting both international and domestic travelers with its sizzling Salamanca charm. Volunteering opportunities in Salamanca are in demand as the city seeks international teachers from around the world, making it a #Spicy destination to explore.

Life in Salamanca for International Volunteers

At its essence, Salamanca is a big university town. Students take up approximately 20 percent of the population, giving off an unmistakable youthful vibrancy that radiates to every corner of the city. Whether you’ve come to Salamanca to join university life as a learner, teacher, or bystander, you’ll never be bored in this charming Spanish city. Dance, music, and art fill the authentic old quarter. During the day, volunteers can explore streets filled with colonial architecture and ancient cathedrals, and at night bar hop at over 70 bars that are reachable by foot.

One of the best spots for volunteers to spend their down time is in the famous Plaza Mayor. Located in the city center, the Plaza is a key spot to check out any time of day. Shops and cafes line the arches, and medallions of poets, philosophers, and famous figures keep watch on its edges. Volunteers can enjoy the sunshine while indulging in Salamancan delicacies like jamon iberico de belloto (ham from acorn-fed pigs) and other tapas. Or perhaps you’ll sit and enjoy the sunshine with new friends over a jug of sweet Spanish wine.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for volunteers in Salamanca

Salamanca is an ideal location for those wanting to combine volunteer work with study abroad. The Universidad de Salamanca lays in the heart of the city, with opportunities for university classes or language learning abroad. You’ll meet peers from around the world in this academic city. Even if you don’t choose to study, young volunteers will fit right into the university setting #Uniforever)! 

It is highly encouraged that every volunteer attempt to learn Spanish while volunteering abroad in Salamanca. The city is home to some of the purest-spoken Spanish. The accent is easy to understand and most similar to what you’ll hear in Spanish language classes. It is by far the best city to visit if you want to learn the language. Not only will it make learning Spanish easy, but you’ll have a beautifully charming atmosphere to do it!

If you have a thirst for learning (or a thirst for great cava), volunteering abroad in Salamanca is the ideal location! Join a community that aches for knowledge, and you’ll find yourself becoming both a teacher and a student. Enjoy a laid back city with a small town vibe and beauty emanating through every street and alleyway. Volunteering abroad in Salamanca will only leave you wanting more!

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A Guide To
Volunteering Abroad in Salamanca


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