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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Singapore

Commonly considered to be the most influential city in all of Asia because of its high ratings in human development and powerful ties in international trade, not many people realize that Singapore has managed to develop so rapidly after only gaining independence in 1963. Yet while it is a model for many places to learn from, this formidable island city-state also has it’s fair share of internal challenges to be met. Come volunteer abroad in Singapore to experience it all firsthand.

Projects & Placements

Because it boasts one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, Singapore breaks the mold of many other countries where you might volunteer abroad in the region of Southeast Asia. However even though there is a ton of wealth in Singapore, like all societies there are a number of issues which still require the hard work of a devoted volunteer force to address. For example projects in areas such as medicine, education, and disability issues are all popular areas where you can volunteer abroad in Singapore, bringing valuable resources to underserved sectors of the population.

You can also volunteer abroad in Singapore within the field of environmental sustainability. Singapore is one of the best global models for environmental responsibility, setting aside nearly 10% of its land for public parks and nature reserves, and also devoting a significant portion of its resources to urban greening efforts. Volunteering in areas such as organic farming, tree planting, and wildlife surveying can help train you within one of the world’s most environmentally friendly urban landscapes.

Volunteer projects in Singapore can last anywhere from just a couple of weeks up to a full year, depending on how long you are available. English is spoken fluently throughout the city, so you also do not have to worry about a language gap while you volunteer abroad in Singapore!

Life in Singapore

Since gaining its independence in 1963, Singapore has rapidly developed into one of the most influential cities on the planet. It has become a major nucleus of international trade within the global landscape because of its high degree of economic freedom and human capital. Within the city itself, Singapore also enjoys very high quality education, very low corruption, and an overall superior quality of life for its citizens.

Over 5 million people live in Singapore, making it the third most densely populated city in the world. Because of its high population density, the amount of cars on the road are systematically restricted in Singapore, so traffic and congestion is never too big of a problem. Most citizens choose to instead get around town by bicycle, bus, metro, or taxi.

As a volunteer abroad in Singapore, you should advantage of your situation to explore as much of this impressive global city as possible. There are a ton of diverse restaurants, bustling shopping districts, expansive performing arts venues, and other such avenues of immersing yourself fully in the flow of the city. Singapore is an incredibly diverse and cosmopolitan city, so you will be exposed to a unique array of global cultures while volunteering abroad in Asia’s melting pot.

Costs & Affordability

As a major global city Singapore is one of the more expensive destinations where to volunteer abroad in Asia, but still compares favorably to many other cities in regions such as Australia, Europe, and North America. If affordability is a concern while you volunteer abroad in Singapore, you should check out our fundraising page to learn about all the promising ways to help make your dream trip become a reality.

Accommodation & Visas

Accommodations are typically arranged by your program provider while you volunteer abroad in Singapore. The most popular housing options are often homestays with a local family or group living situations in a flat with other volunteers. Different volunteer programs in Singapore will offer different types of housing situations, so take the accommodation factor into account while searching for the perfect placement.

Singapore’s visa policy varies depending on what country you are travelling from and the duration of your planned stay in the country. For example international volunteers from some countries will be allowed to stay in Singapore for up to three months before obtaining official documentation, while others will have to apply for a visa prior to entry. For more information regarding your individual circumstances, check out our Singapore Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Learn from the Best. Singapore is one of the best global models for a productive, socially developed, and environmentally responsible city. Volunteering abroad here will be a tremendous learning experience.

Be Central. Singapore is also a great destination to volunteer abroad because of its position as the pre-eminent global city in all of Asia. The international prominence and diversity of the city makes for an incredibly enriching experience.

Give Back. All this praise for Singapore may overshadow the necessity of volunteer work; yet without the dedication of compassionate and hardworking individuals, Singapore would not be what it is today.

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