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Help babies and children in an orphanage receive the love and care they need. What they lack is enough people who have time and patience to provide them with one-on-one interactions where they would learn simple things such as how to stand up, turn the pages in a picture book, or kick a ball. You have a tremendous ability to make a difference just by holding infants, sitting with bedridden chil...


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Premier TEFL has partnered with Angloville to bring you the ultimate TEFL experience. The Anglo-TEFL Scholarship combines 120 hours of accredited TEFL tuition with hands-on teaching experience in Central Europe. This exclusive package is designed to give you the best start in your English teaching adventure. Afterwards you’ll be prepared to work all over the world, be filled with confidence...


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AIP Angloville offers volunteering opportunities to teach English in Romania. Angloville, one of the biggest providers of language immersion programs in Central and Eastern Europe, is looking for volunteers who are available for short courses to help local participants improve their language skills. Angloville offers a stay at a beautiful venue in Romania for a week and asks volunteers to help ...


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Join our membership community at MovingWorlds and we will connect you to a social enterprise or development organization across the globe, particularly one that matches your skills. Sign up as a member and have full access to our Experteering projects. We have a support team who will identify suitable projects according to your profile. Once we find the right host organization, we implemen...