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Drama Project in Romania with Projects Abroad

If you have a passion for acting and amateur dramatics, then we have the perfect project for you in Romania! You will be leading acting workshops, coaching drama groups, and helping students prepare a production for local performances. In addition to this, you will be using drama techniques as a tool for improving students' English language skills. This gives you the opportunity to volunteer by...


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Work with Brown Bears in Romania

Help to care for over 90 bears in Eastern Europe's largest bear sanctuary, located in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. The bears are being rehabilitated after years of misery in circuses or as tourist attractions in tiny cages. It is fantastic to see these beautiful animals living happier lives and you will help achieve this by working alongside a very dedicated team of Romanian worke...


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Redeeming Romania

Romania is currently redeeming its rich heritage following the collapse of an oppressive dictatorship. This charming country embodies the European spirit of past, present, and future. Picturesque castles and quaint farming villages contrast with cosmopolitan cities and ski resorts as the country strives to develop its economy after the fall of communism and its recent admission to the European ...