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Although Romania joined the EU early in 2007, it is one of the poorest countries in the European Union. Widespread poverty, unemployment and corruption have made it difficult for the country to move forward and have created a real need for the kind of work done by Projects Abroad volunteers. You can volunteer abroad in the field of international development work on a Care project in Romania ...


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There are over 50 bears living at the inspiring sanctuary. The bears are being rehabilitated after years of misery in circuses or as tourist attractions in tiny cages. It is fantastic to see these beautiful animals living happier lives and you will help achieve this by working alongside a very dedicated team of Romanian workers. You have to be happy to turn your hand to all tasks in the day ...


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Romania is currently redeeming its rich heritage following the collapse of an oppressive dictatorship. This charming country embodies the European spirit of past, present, and future. Picturesque castles and quaint farming villages contrast with cosmopolitan cities and ski resorts as the country strives to develop its economy after the fall of communism and its recent admission to the European ...