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Incredible Volunteering in Brazil: Costs from USD 345

International Volunteer HQ has a wide range of volunteering opportunities available in working with children placements, sports programs, environmental placements, Carnaval program, teaching English placements, arts placements and community development projects. *BRAZIL SPORTS PROGRAM Sport has become vital for Rio's lowest income communities, as they provide children and adolescents with r...


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South Africa - Teach Children and Surf in Cape Town

This project takes place in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, the oldest city in the country. From the iconic Table Mountain to the magnificent Cape beaches, this city has it all. This project is an adventure club for 12-14 year old children focused primarily on extramural surfing and swimming lessons. The adventure club provides children with a valuable opportunity to take part in a rang...


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Make a REAL difference with Love Volunteers – From US$175!

Since 2009, thousands of volunteers have trusted Love Volunteers for travel abroad that provides cultural immersion alongside the chance to help those in real need. Join us now for a safe, fun, and sustainable Recreation-based volunteer program for a truly memorable experience abroad! Check out our exciting program options!


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Care in Fiji with Projects Abroad

Volunteering on a Care project in Fiji is an ideal way to get involved with the local community of this fascinating island. Whether you are on a gap year, summer placement, or career break we will arrange a great project for you. Our Care placements are based in and around Nadi on the west coast of Viti Levu and Suva on the east coast. Most volunteers work at kindergartens, though there are ...


Dolphin Research and PADI Diving Course, Zanzibar

Zanzibar is renowned for its diverse marine life which includes dolphins and humpback whales and warm crystal clear waters which are perfect for diving and snorkeling. Spend your weeks researching and swimming with bottlenose and humpback dolphins and snorkeling on pristine coral reefs, and to top it off become a qualified PADI scuba diver so you can carry on diving all over the world! The data...


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Teaching and Community Assistance in Victoria Falls

Volunteer in teaching and community assistance projects in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The project has a diverse range of activities that volunteers can become involved with. At the orphanage, volunteers will be interacting with children on a daily basis, providing them with extra lessons, playing games with them, and helping to provide one-on-one attention. Volunteers will also have the opportun...


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Working with Kids—Volunteer in Guatemala!

Work with at-risk children in and around the pueblo of Antigua, Guatemala. Placements include working in orphanages, rural schools, and community centers, and street children programs. Projects focus on providing boys and girls with shelter, food, and education. Various educational, recreational, and health projects are ongoing to support these unfortunate children. Volunteers work to help keep...


Swaziland Teaching

Swaziland is known for its special mystique, created by the traditional way of life, and the extreme friendliness of its people. Enjoy the experience of this remarkable country that lies at the heart of southern Africa, whilst you enrich the lives of children here by teaching within a marginalized and deprived community. Teaching in any context is extremely rewarding - by bringing your passi...


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Youth Development & Sports Volunteer Programs in Dublin

Use your passion for sports to aid in the development of youth in Dublin. In turn, you will contribute greatly to efforts in fostering the personal development, life skills, and team building of at-risk young people. Connect-123 organizes a wide range of teaching, youth development and sports-related volunteer projects in the capital of Ireland. Opportunities include volunteering in schools ...


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Volunteer in the Philippines!

Like any third world country, the Philippines suffers from diseases due to poor hygiene and sanitation brought about by poor awareness programs. This is one of the major issues the country needs to face, and come up with solutions to. A lot of people in rural areas cannot afford to pay for medicines and regular medical check-ups. Volunteer for the Visayans is reaching out to those in need of...


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Volunteer at an Orphanage in the Philippines

ELI works with several orphanages on Leyte Island in the Philippines. Each orphanage houses 45 to more than 100 orphans, abandoned children, and runaways. While the orphanages do a wonderful job of providing the basics, orphans are deprived of many opportunities necessary for their development. Through education, individual attention, and compassion, children are empowered to challenge a life o...


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Volunteer Sports Coach in Brazil

Brazil is a must see destination. Full of music, rhythm, beaches, carnivals and delicious food – Brazil never fails to impress! If you have a passion for sports, you could volunteer to coach disadvantaged children in Sao Paulo in Brazil. Sports are not taught as part of the Brazilian curriculum and this means that kids are enthusiastic and eager to learn. Choose either football, rugby or ath...


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Music Volunteering in the Philippines

Share your craft by teaching music to Filipino children in Tacloban City. Volunteers teach music at a community center offering a multitude of programs in order to empower the entire community, at a youth rehabilitation center, or in local schools. Your music classes will give children an artistic outlet as well as self-confidence. Volunteers are needed throughout the year, but especially du...


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Volunteer in Guatemala. A Life-Changing Experience Abroad!

When you volunteer in Guatemala, you'll be welcomed by the hospitality of the Guatemalan people who are usually mestizo, a mix of Spanish and Maya ancestry, or they are direct descendants of the Maya. Following a military coup in 1954, Guatemala plunged into a brutal 36-year-long civil war between government military forces and left-wing guerilla groups. Though the conflict is now long over, G...