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International Volunteer HQ

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is the world's leading volunteer travel organization, providing affordable, safe and responsible volunteer programs in over 30 different destinations around the world. With program fees starting from just USD 10 per day, IVHQ is the volunteer organization of choice for thousands of volunteers every year. Established in 2007, IVHQ has supported over 55,0...


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Love Volunteers

Find our Why More and More People are Choosing to Become a Love Volunteer! Love Volunteers is the most affordable way to volunteer and help local communities in developing countries! Why are we cheaper than other organisations? Firstly, we are just a handful of passionate people working hard to help volunteers and local communities around the world. We don't have huge overheads - no company ...


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Projects Abroad

Volunteering Abroad on one of our Care projects in Morocco can be challenging, but will also prove to be incredibly rewarding. Volunteers help improve the quality of life for children in a variety of homes, centers for disadvantaged children and disabled centers where staff simply don't have time to provide the individual care and attention that the children require. You can gain internation...


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Cross-Cultural Solutions

Cross-Cultural Solutions is a nonprofit working to address critical global issues by providing meaningful volunteer service to communities abroad, and contributing responsibly to local economies. As a leader in the field of international volunteer travel since 1995, we know that the best approach to international volunteering—the only approach—is one designed by the community. In every communi...


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ELI Abroad

Effect change! As a Muslim nation in North Africa, Morocco presents a challenging environment for women. Education levels are lower, as is representation in the workplace. That said, there has been progress. Morocco has traditionally been more open to the West than many other Arab states. French is widely spoken and English is increasingly common. Work with local women’s groups, helping them wi...


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Plan My Gap Year

Become part of a needs-driven initiative in an Asian or African country through PMGY. Sign up for a childcare volunteer project in any of these countries: Cambodia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, and Vietnam. Enjoy the simple rewards, such as a child’s big smile and heartfelt gratitude, after helping and bringing joy to kids. Experience...


AFSNext: Community development in Morocco

If you're searching for a destination that speaks to all of your senses, you'll find it as a volunteer in Morocco. The country's ancient medinas, quaint coastal towns, and vibrant spice markets remind you at every turn that you've left the familiar behind. For many globetrotting volunteers, Morocco provides an eye-opening first-hand look into Islam and all of its beautiful and hi-storied layers...


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Study Abroad, explore & volunteer in Morocco | Qalam wa Lawh

Qalam wa lawh is an institution dedicated to providing academic study abroad program in Rabat, Morocco. Qalam wa Lawh's programs include Arabic courses, area studies courses, volunteer and internship placement opportunities. Arabic courses taught at Qalam emphasize building a strong foundation in communication skills and are designed to ensure learners are confident using the language they ...


Volunteer to Teach English in Morocco with CHI!

Are you ready to experience Morocco? CHI's trusted partner agency is located in the capital city of Rabat. They can arrange volunteer opportunities to teach English in Morocco. Our volunteer English teachers live with a host family and teach English at a local school or summer camp. World Explorers in Morocco is a more structured version of our normal program because our participants will b...


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Volunteering Solutions

Under this program, volunteers would work with local NGO's working towards the up liftment of local women in Morocco. Volunteers teach these girls, provide them computer knowledge as well as adult literacy classes and make them aware about their rights. Our volunteers make a huge impact on these women just by sharing their love and time. Volunteers are also welcome to teach skills such as se...


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Affordable Volunteer Projects in Morocco!

VFP offers over 3000 affordable voluntary service projects in 100+ countries each year, including over 60 in Morocco. These international voluntary service projects provide the opportunity to participate in meaningful community service while living and interacting in an intercultural environment. Volunteer projects vary greatly since they arise whenever there is a need in a given community. ...