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Care Work in Mongolia with Projects Abroad

Care volunteers in Mongolia work to relieve the workload of the local staff and support them while you care for the children, while also adding to the childrens quality of life in many different ways. You do not need to have any previous experience or qualifications to volunteer. You may get involved in activities like running educational games and group activities, providing emotional sup...


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Conservation, Community and Adventure Placements from $255

With more than 400 projects worldwide and with 25 years experience of providing ethical travel placements, Frontier can find you the perfect adventure whatever you want to achieve. We offer placements in more than 50 countries including Costa Rica, Madagascar, Fiji and loads more. Here are just some of the options available: Marine Conservation and Diving Travel to beach paradises, scuba...


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Wild Horse Research!

Are you interested in Research? Do you love horses? Then take this amazing opportunity to get involved with both. Join an amazing team and work with wildlife researchers and biologists by collecting data and information on one of the world's rarest and endangered species of horses, the Wild Takhi, also known as Przewalskis Horses. Volunteer for a minimum of one week up to a maximum of four w...


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Volunteer World: Best Volunteer Abroad Programs Worldwide

Looking to apply your talent and expertise to a good cause? Find a program that matches your interests and skills through Volunteer World! We are the largest volunteer abroad comparison platform around the globe, enabling you to seek and compare offers from major travel agencies as well as smaller grassroots NGOs and local specialists in more than 80 countries. All these with just one click! ...


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Explore Mongolia and Teach English to a Host Family!

How would you like to live with a host family in Mongolia for a couple of months? Yes, Mongolia! Mongolia boasts a unique clash of its modern and ancient civilizations. While the cities are quite developed with modern infrastructure, the countryside is very rural and the locals still live in yurts. Home to giant vultures, camels and wild horses, Mongolia is probably the most exotic country W...


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Volunteering Abroad through GivingWay

GivingWay is a free and open platform through which worldwide travelers connect with local nonprofit organizations seeking volunteers in a simple and direct manner. With hundreds of volunteering opportunities in over 80 countries worldwide, GivingWay makes it easy for everyone to find just the right cause to support. Whether you want to teach English in Thailand, help out in a white lion san...


Volunteer Experience at a Children's Camp in Mongolia

This program lets you make an impact in the lives of kids and teens while enjoying the vast, rugged expanse of Mongolia. Shinesaran Development Fund provides you the opportunity to volunteer at a camp for participants ages 7-16. Your role encompasses activities like teaching basic English, playing games with the campers, teaching songs, and helping make their stay enjoyable. You will also h...


Summer camp for Mongolian children

Volunteers in this project will help running a summer camp for children. It is based in Altanbulag district and is one of the few children's summer camps still running in the country. Summer camp is a very special experience for Mongolian children. Before 1990, there were many such camps in Mongolia where kids were spending their summer holidays living and learning in nature. In the past years,...


Mongolia: Program Evaluation & Social Analysis

Mongolia is a young democracy and its civil society is just forming. Directors of many of the new non-government organizations need to learn how to evaluate if their organizations have accomplished their goals and how to do program evaluation. NGOabroad is seeking sociologists or public administration experts in Mongolia, to teach the staff of Mongolian organizations how to conduct social an...


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Horse trekking assistant for Stepperiders

Enthusiastic about horses and outdoor activities? Stepperider is looking for volunteers in Mongolia. Lend a helping hand to a small family business located in Ulaanbaatar. Have the chance to work side by side with nomadic herders and taste the unique delicacies of Mongolia. Volunteers will not only assist in taking care of the horses but also teach English to local kids.