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Lang Tengah Turtle Watch: Research Volunteer - Sea Turtles

Join a small team living in our secluded jungle camp on Turtle Bay, Lang Tengah. Experience rustic living whilst getting the opportunity to get up close with majestic sea turtles and help us save their eggs by relocating them to our private beach where we monitor them until they hatch. We're looking for enthusiastic volunteers, who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, and who are e...


Orangutan Educational Conservation Project

You are invited to participate and provide a helping hand in the Orangutan Conservation program. This project has been designed to protect and preserve orangutans. Help with various conservation activities and initiatives to protect, care for and save these intelligent, gentle creatures. Orangutans on the IUCN Red List, classified as Critically Endangered, may be more closely related to humans...


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SOLS 24/7

Travel to Malaysia and engage in a year-long community service project through SOLS 24/7. Participants from all over the world can make a difference and develop long-lasting friendships with locals and fellow volunteers. Placements options include Education, Community Development, and Youth Assistance.


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Volunteering with Adventure Heart

Volunteer in Malaysia with Adventure Heart for nine to 12 weeks. The main focus of the volunteer work is working with children; participants can teach them English as well as proper hygiene. Relaxing in hot springs and climbing to the top of Mount Kinabalu are some activities worth looking forward to.


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Sea Turtle Volunteer Program Malaysia

Turtle Watch Camp Malaysia invites volunteers interested in joining a team of volunteering and scientists in monitoring a turtle hatchery and conducting beach patrols in search of nesting sea turtle mothers. Help collect the first data in the area and then release turtle hatchlings back into the wild. Goals and duties of volunteers include increasing Green and Hawksbill turtle egg and hatchling...


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Juara Turtle Project

Help conserve sea turtles in Malaysia through volunteering with Juara Turtle Projects. Participants will have the opportunity to climb to the country's tallest mountains or snorkel in beautiful waterfalls. This program is located right on the beach in a small Malaysian village.