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Mangrove planting for coastal protection in Central Java

This project answers the needs of preserving the coastal side of the North Java Sea in Mangkang, West Semarang, Indonesia. The coastline is now in danger of erosion, cutting of mangrove by local people, and heavy force from the river flows. The condition of the mangrove forest has worsened in recent years, and many of the local fish and shrimp species are now hard to find. Fishermen also need t...


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Wildlife Conservation Volunteer

Join us on a one-week to eight-week jungle adventure to help protect the endangered wil Sumatran Orang-Utan and other animals in their habitat in one of the oldest and most beautiful rainforests in the world. You will find out 1.5-hectare conservation project site in the heart of the jungle in Batu Kapal, on the tranquil Landak River, overlooking the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Gunnung Leus...


Care for orangutans and other rescued animals!

Do you want to volunteer with orangutans and our other animals by rehabilitating them? Fancy helping prepare some of them for eventual release back into the wild? Want to volunteer abroad and visit Indonesia? Then look no further! We’re serious about making an impact. We’ve already rescued, rehabilitated and released many animals back into the wild, but there is a constant need to do more. I...


Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Programme in Indonesia

Volunteers at our Wildlife Rescue project located on the coast of North Sulawesi in Indonesia will help assist with wild animals saved from the local wildlife trade in the region. Animals from all over the vast Indonesian archipelago have suffered this trade route. The Rescue Centre helps the authorities tackle this crime and take care of the wildlife confiscated from this trade. As a volunteer...


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Experteering: Volunteering + Expertise through MovingWorlds

Join our membership community at MovingWorlds and we will connect you to a social enterprise or development organization across the globe, particularly one that matches your skills. Sign up as a member and have full access to our Experteering projects. We have a support team who will identify suitable projects according to your profile. Once we find the right host organization, we implemen...