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4 Volunteer Abroad Programs in All Other Areas


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You'll travel in a small group, staying in remote forest camps, as you track Orangutans and other fascinating native species like the Sun Bear, Clouded Leopard, and Slow Loris. The work of the research project is vital to developing well-targeted conservation programmes aimed at protecting threatened habitats from human encroachment. Without your help, the world's last remaining Orangutans coul...


Make a difference in local communities of Indonesia through this Community Outreach Program (COP) developed by the University. This combines the application of academic knowledge with various community development projects to allow a direct learning experience, raise awareness, and brush up on their creative decision-making skills while living in the country. Furthermore, this opportunity carri...


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Journey to Lampung in the island of Sumatra in Indonesia with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects and help elephant trainers take care of their charges. Volunteers will act as assistants of the mahouts, undertaking a variety of tasks such as bathing and feeding elephants, grassing, and monitoring the health of these magnificent animals. One volunteer will help one ma...