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World's #1 Affordable Volunteer Programs. Trusted By 80,000+

IVHQ is the world's most trusted and affordable volunteer abroad organization with the largest range of top-rated programs, available in 40+ destinations year-round! We place over 18,000 volunteers abroad annually and have over 10 years experience in providing safe, impactful and affordable volunteer abroad programs. With program fees starting from just USD 10 per day and the best safety re...

Volunteer in India

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Volunteer Abroad & Make a REAL Difference - From US$175!

Find our Why More and More People are Choosing to Become a Love Volunteer! Love Volunteers is the most affordable way to volunteer and help local communities in developing countries! Why are we cheaper than other organisations? Firstly, we are just a handful of passionate people working hard to help volunteers and local communities around the world. We don't have huge overheads - no company ...

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India - Road Trip India

Explore the diverse culture through traveling through four different states in India! This project allows for eco-friendly tourism as well as a variety of volunteer placement options. Spend the first 3 weeks of your trip experiencing the best India has to offer, from Delhi to Jaisalmer and everywhere in between. After this sensory and cultural expedition you will head to Southern district of G...

Volunteer in Goa India

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Women's Empowerment Project in India

In India, women are born into a society that is still having to face social inequalities ranging from gender specific abortions, mistreatment from their spouses, eve teasing, being married off at an early age and in some cases being denied an education by their families. Through our initiatives in India, we aim to assist in gender equality through various educational, healthcare and income ...


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India Summer Volunteering Program and Adventure Tour 2018

If you are looking for a perfect program to fit your Summer Break 2018, then there can be no better option other than the 3 weeks Summer Volunteering Program in India. Starting from the capital city of New Delhi, you will be volunteering at the shelter homes/childcare centers where underprivileged street kids live. Your main role will be to teach them, play with them, and shower them with imm...

Volunteer India - VS LP

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Volunteer at an Orphanage in Southern India!

Gain the experience of volunteering at an orphanage in Southern India. ELI partners with orphanages in and around Bangalore, Chennai and Kerala. Orphanages that volunteers are sent to work hard to send their children to school and help them get an education, which is a rare opportunity for orphans in India. Volunteers tasks will include: playing games, teaching remedial classes, leading activi...

ELI - VA - LP - INdia

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Street Children Programme in India

Travel to Delhi - the bustling capital of India - and volunteer with street children on this thoroughly worthwhile programme. There many children in Delhi, who have very little and live in poor urban areas. Often these children have very little to do during the day and this leads to high risks of exploitation. You will be working at one of many centers in the city dedicated to providing a sa...


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LEAPYEAR: Transforming Education - Ages 17-24

LEAPYEAR is a cutting-edge experiential program for 17-23 year olds who want to make a graceful and powerful passage into independent, creative adulthood. It is meant to replace the final year of high school or the first year of college, or function as a 'year on' between high school and college. Live, work and travel for 9 months, from September through May for our Fall program, and January th...

Volunteer India - Leapnow

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Volunteer for Mentally Disabled Children in India - Palampur

Volunteers working in the Volunteer Disabled Children Program work in a special school for Mentally challenged and disabled children in Palampur. Our volunteers play a significant role by providing the children with the much needed attention, love and care. Volunteers joining this program should have a special interest of working with special needs children. The minimum age requirement to j...

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Volunteer in Ladakh, India - Serving Kids with Dental Care

The Global Dental Relief India clinic begins on a breath-taking flight over the Himalaya's to the Ladakh valley. Sometimes called, Little Tibet, Ladakh is a highly remote region in northern India. It is surrounded by 25,000 foot mountains. In the town of Leh, encircled by the Himalayan and Karakoram mountains, we set up our clinic. The clinic serves the dental needs of children around the Lad...

Volunteer India - Global Dental

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Spiritual Gap Year in India - Carpe Diem Education

Traverse the diverse ecological and spiritual landscape of the Himalayas. Witness the burning ghats of Varanasi up close and personal. Practice mindfulness in the “yoga capital of the world.” Get in touch with your spiritual side and dive deep into some of the world’s oldest religions and cultures—all in the Northern Plains and Himalayas of India. Note: This is a 3-month semester program. Exp...


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Medical Placements in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal

Travel to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, or India where you will acquire hands-on experience through a volunteering or internship placement. These are medical electives designed for pre-med and medical students of any medical discipline. It gives you the opportunity to apply your existing skills and learn new ones along the way while working in a real work setting. During your time with us and...

Volunteer in India - volunteering journeys

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Volunteer Abroad in one of 8 Countries for 1-12 Weeks

Cross-Cultural Solutions is a nonprofit working to address critical global issues by providing meaningful volunteer service to communities abroad, and contributing responsibly to local economies. As a leader in the field of international volunteer travel since 1995, we know that the best approach to international volunteering—the only approach—is one designed by the community. In every communi...


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Volunteer in the Indian Himalayas!

Exciting opportunities in India await adventurous people who want to make a real difference to people's lives – and their own. Himalayas Education Lifeline Programme assists schools and medical clinics in the Himalayan regions of Sikkim, Ladakh, Uttarkhand, and West Bengal. HELP is looking for people eager to volunteer their skills to make a real difference, and who are happy to take on the ...


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Street Children Teaching Project (SMILE LMTV02)

Helping Children and there from the street (mostly refugees) of India to get the basic education, vocational and hygienic training etc. Daily more than 100 families receive support at our different centres around. India having uncountable numbers of street and slum dwellers. There are thousands of poor refugees coming every year from nearby countries and from different small towns and villa...