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Inspiring Iceland - Iceland

Traverse this legendary landscape and leave forever inspired by the other-worldly beauty of Iceland. This Nordic oasis transforms mundane into extraordinary. Stroll amid active glaciers, bathe in steaming lagoons, feel the welcoming warmth of the local people, and swim the crystal clear water between continents. As the development of the outside world accelerates, the cinematic horizons of Icel...


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Experience Iceland Through Environmental Volunteer Projects

Volunteers For Peace, a Vermont-based nonprofit organization, has organized volunteer projects around the world for over 30 years! In Iceland, volunteers live with a diverse group of volunteers from 4 or more countries for 2 to 3 weeks. You choose from a selection of over 150 projects throughout the year. Most projects are limited to ages 18 and up; however, some projects are open to 16-20 ...


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Reforestation and environmental work in the Golden Circle

This volunteer project takes place in the small community of Fludir in the heart of the Golden Circle in South Iceland. The volunteers will be working with the environmental department of the community. Most of the work will consist of planting trees and taking care of the environment in the surrounding area. Our work will also depend on the weather conditions, which is why we have to be flexib...