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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Strasbourg

Along two rivers, the River III and the Rhine, and on the border of France and Germany lies the historic city of Strasbourg. Strasbourg boasts prominent parks, picturesque architecture, delicious dining, fascinating museums, and more. With Strasbourg being the seat of the European Parliament and many international institutions, being bilingual is a plus, and the city is looking for volunteers to help the locals learn English. By volunteering abroad in Strasbourg, you’ll immerse yourself in a unique cultural experience where you can pick up French along the way!

What you need to know about volunteering in Strasbourg

Gaining employable skills and changing the lives of others never looked so good. From agriculture to cooking to childcare, Strasbourg offers a range of options for volunteers with no previous experience needed. Plus, almost all of the Strasbourg volunteer programs offer accommodation and meals in exchange for your hard work as a volunteer — fantastique! 

Popular causes/projects in Strasbourg. Some of the most popular volunteer programs in Strasbourg include environmental work, animal conservation, and English teaching. You could choose to tutor English to locals in a cozy homestay environment as a volunteer in Strasbourg, where you’ll the opportunity to learn French! Other programs focus on learning about farm life, experiencing the wilderness, and restoring the biodiversity in the area. 

Short term volunteer programs in Strasbourg.  Many of the Strasbourg volunteer programs are fewer than three months, from a spring break to a couple of weeks to a full summer. Short-term programs are a good option for those who are short on time and financial resources. Nearly all of the language coaching programs and environmental programs are available year-round whereas several villages are in need of helping hands on their farms between April to October. 

Long term volunteer projects in Strasbourg. The best way to receive a full cultural experience would be to volunteer in Strasbourg for longer than three months. The language programs are the main options for long-term programs, where you could also practice France more often too. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet more people, gain more skills, and get more bang for your buck by staying longer to volunteer in Strasbourg.

Life in Strasbourg for international volunteers

Brace yourself to be cultured like you’ve never been cultured before! Strasbourg offers volunteers plenty of things to do and see while easily exploring this pedestrian-friendly city. (You can also take one of its many city buses if you tire of walking.) Marvel at the sandstone Gothic Strasbourg Cathedral, stroll through Parc de l'Orangerie, and ogle at paintings at Musée de l'Œuvre Notre-Dame. Get out your theatre binoculars and watch an opera, ballet, or orchestra, too! Strasbourg also host a summer market and a Christmas market, where you’ll see elaborate decorations and buy local foods, art, books, and more. 

The cost of living while you volunteer abroad in Strasbourg is overall slightly lower than the cost of living in Paris. A meal is typically around $15, a cappuccino is about $3, and two tickets to the movies at $23. You could save money here by walking, buying groceries, and limiting your entertainment cost. Program costs depend on many factors, but you could budget, save, and fundraise to help cover the costs. Most programs offer homestay accommodations, which is a smart way to save on room and board and learning other tips from the family to save money in the city.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

While Strasbourg offers plenty of historic areas to visit, the food will end up being one of your favorite attractions! The Alsatian cuisine is bold, earthy, and gourmet, and it’s not something you can experience in many places. Try a tarte flambé (wafer thin pizza with onions) at Au Brasseur, savor the taste of choucroute aux trois poissons (saurkraut with three types of game fish) at Au Dauphin, and sip Alsatian beer at Kronenbourg. Desserts — oh, delicious desserts — you just GOTTA try the chocolates and tarts. 

You’re probably wondering what time of year is best to go here, and the answer depends on what you’re looking to experience! The winters are snowy and a bit cold, but Christmastime in Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The spring offers blooming flowers, the summers are warm and sunny, and the falls bring autumn colors. No matter what time of year you choose to volunteer in Strasbourg, the city offers both indoor and outdoor attractions and shopping that will keep you busy in your free time. 

In a city that bridges German and French culture, you’ll discover a crossroads of two cultures at once! From the historic architecture to the city center of Grande Île to the Alsatian food, you’ll have the most memorable experience of your life in Strasbourg. Not to mention you’ll be making a positive impact on the lives of others while gaining valuable international skills by volunteering in Strasbourg! 

Need more cheese and wine and fun facts about volunteering in France? Read our comprehensive guide on volunteering abroad in France.

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