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15 Volunteer Abroad Programs in Paris


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With more than 400 projects worldwide and with 25 years experience of providing ethical travel placements, Frontier can find you the perfect adventure whatever you want to achieve. We offer placements in more than 50 countries including Costa Rica, Madagascar, Fiji and loads more. Here are just some of the options available: Marine Conservation and Diving Travel to beach paradises, scuba...


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Veritas Christian Study Abroad incorporates combines international missions into exceptional study abroad experiences. During your study abroad program, Veritas connects you with a Mission Mentor and local ministry partners with whom you will serve alongside in Paris. The City of Lights is home to one of the most diverse populations in the world, with cultures from around the globe bringing ...


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Berlin  Amsterdam  London  Prague and more... Don't travel alone, join our fun group every July and August to explore Europe with our UK leader. Gapforce Europe is the quality way to experience Europe in 25 days. We use trains to speed us safely and comfortably between cities so you have the maximum time exploring. We are based in London  so will ensure you see all that's new in Eu...


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InterExchange offers a unique volunteer placement for international participants in Paris. Participants can live with a Parisian family for 12 weeks and help them expand English skills. Lessons are informal and based on conversational language needs. This program is only open to Canadian and American participants.


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If you're thinking about volunteering to teach English abroad and have no teaching experience, don't worry! We provide industry leading TEFL qualifications which are globally recognized. We offer a number of TEFL courses to suit your needs; whether you choose a classroom based TEFL course, an online TEFL course or specialist TEFL certification. A classroom TEFL course will qualify you with ...


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The luxurious seaside town of Biarritz, the “surf capital of Europe”, is a beautiful town, full of amenities such as magnificent beaches, superb sporting facilities, and a natural charm unlike any place else in France. Every summer SPI Study Abroad France program participants fall in love with Biarritz as they immerse themselves in the culture by living with local homestays, attending French la...


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The language tutor program in France offers a one of a kind opportunity for you to practice your French in situations that are quite different from the ones you have in a classroom. Through this program you will be staying with a French family, tutoring one or more family member and help with regular household duties and chores. Active communication is a key part in improving any language and ...


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TalkTalkBnb offers the opportunity to stay for free with locals around the world in exchange for teaching your native language to your host. We are looking for travelers for whom traditional tourism is no longer satisfying. A “TalkTalker” has a real desire is to experience life from a different cultural perspective. Destinations are not chosen just to be crossed off a list, but because of th...


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Volunteer abroad with The Language House in the City of Lights, Paris. The Language House lets volunteers stay for six months or more teaching English as a second language. There are other volunteering opportunities in agriculture, tree planting, and conservation after completion of a TEFL/TESOL certification course. The programs are available year round for volunteers 21 and older.

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Volunteering Abroad in Paris

Is there any city in the world which is more iconic than Paris? The City of Love is more than just a historically rich, architecturally beautiful, and artistically inspiring cultural, political, and economic center of the world (although it is indeed all of these things). It is also an urban environment of over 12 million people from all over the globe – and as such it has its fair share of societal problems. Those who volunteer in Paris will be able to truly make a positive impact on this idealized French city.

Volunteering in Paris

The amount and type of available volunteer placements in Paris depends largely on your ability to speak the language. For French speakers a whole world of opportunity becomes open, there are hundreds of local volunteer organizations which help with problems created by poverty and urbanization throughout the city. Soup kitchens, orphanages, and grassroots campaigns are all examples of the type of locations for volunteering in Paris, which are easy for individuals who know French to work in.

If you cannot speak French don’t worry, there are still many international volunteer programs in Paris which give compassionate Anglophones the opportunity to experience Paris while lending a helping hand. Education is the most common type of volunteer work in Paris. ESL teachers are needed throughout the country and can help at daycares, community centers, schools, and even in private family homes.

Restoration and preservation efforts are also popular among international volunteers. While it can prove physically demanding work, there are a large amount of historical buildings and public parks which require continual upkeep by volunteers in Paris.

These are only a few potential volunteer placements in Paris you can participate in. As you can imagine with Paris being such a large city, volunteer organizations have their fingers everywhere. Most volunteer programs in Paris last anywhere from just a couple of weeks up to six months, allowing volunteers to have a good degree of flexibility in deciding when and for how long they want to volunteer in Paris. Though summer is the most popular time to volunteer abroad in Paris, most programs still run throughout the year.

Life in Paris

There is a reason why so many romantics dream of one day living in Paris. Simply put, the city is inspiring. From long strolls along the Seine River and Champs Elysees to catching a show at the Opera Bastille or Moulin Rouge to perusing the endless corridors of the Louvre, there is never any shortage of cultural delight for visitors to embrace.

While volunteering in Paris your leisure time will be very well spent. World class restaurants, bars, theaters, museums, clubs, you name it, Paris has it. If you ever get tired of exploring the city (which should be impossible), then just hit up a local café with a friend and enjoy stimulating conversation over a late afternoon cup of coffee.

You will never have a problem getting around Paris either - the city is very well connected by an expansive metro system which carries 9 million passengers daily. Paris’s major railway station, the Gare du Nord, is also one of the central hubs for travel across France and the entire European continent.  

Lastly, on a slightly less exciting note, Paris is expensive. As volunteer in Paris you are likely to have your basic needs met in terms of food and housing, but additional costs throughout the city can amount to a pretty penny. Just be smart with your wallet and take advantage of all the great opportunities that Paris offers free of charge. You can spend entire days in Paris wandering neighborhoods by foot or bicycle and never get bored!

Accommodations & Visas

The two most popular accommodations for volunteers in Paris are homestays and apartments. Many volunteers opt to live in a homestay because it presents a great opportunity to immerse intimately in Parisian family life and experience an authentic side of the city that most will never have access to. An apartment, either living individually or with roommates, can be a rewarding experience too, because of the freedom it allows. If you do go this route consider looking in neighborhoods such as Saint-Laurent and Popincourt, which are affordable and expat friendly.

Coming from most Western countries, you will only need a visa to volunteer abroad in Paris if you plan on living in the city for more than three months. Volunteers coming from the European Union likely will not need a visa to volunteer in Paris at all. If you do plan on volunteering in Paris for more than 90 days then consult your volunteer abroad program for instructions on how to obtain the proper visa (you can also check out GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory for information from the French consulate nearest you).

Benefits & Challenges

Volunteering abroad in Paris is a tremendous opportunity to experience life in one of the world’s truly great and global cities, while knowing you are leaving a positive impact behind you. Volunteering abroad is tough work, you will be: living far away from home, working most days, and giving your time freely. However, you will find that the experience of providing for others is immensely rewarding both personally and for local communities. While volunteering in Paris, a large urban environment where countless are left struggling behind, you will know that your efforts are felt and appreciated too.

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