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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Quito

Sitting almost two miles atop the Andes in Ecuador, Quito is the world’s highest capital city and a premier destination for volunteers from all over the world to lend a helping hand while having the adventure of a lifetime. Ecuador is a developing nation and many of its urban inhabitants live in poverty with little access to quality education, healthcare, and other such social services. Volunteering abroad in Quito is your opportunity to have a positive impact on the country’s underserved populations right at the epicenter of Ecuadorian history and culture.

Projects & Placements

As in many urban environments, most available volunteer placements in Quito are in the areas of social services and community building. Child care is a popular area for volunteering in Quito too, whether placed in an orphanage, community center, or other such institution. Children who are living in poverty or who have been left unfortunately orphaned can benefit greatly from interaction and instruction from international volunteers, and volunteers in turn will find themselves learning a surprising amount from their time with the children as well.

Education and healthcare are other popular areas for volunteering in Quito, and there are many volunteer organizations with concentrated efforts in international volunteers can fill a great need by lending their efforts to serve this demographic. Volunteer work in Quito at health clinics, after-school centers, or in classroom settings are all potential mediums for spread knowledge and awareness.

Most volunteer programs in Quito do not require volunteers to speak Spanish, although some do require volunteers to be at least conversational in Spanish and being more familiar with the language will greatly enhance your ability to interact with locals regardless of your placement or program. Some volunteer programs in Quito combine volunteerism with language study, providing a great opportunity for volunteers to enhance their Spanish language fluency.  

Volunteer programs in Quito typically run throughout the year with flexible start and end dates for participants to mold their own ideal schedule. The city itself is located right on the equator (“Ecuador”), meaning that there is very little seasonal variation and anytime is great to volunteer.

Life in Quito

For tourists, Quito is most famous for its historical city center, one of the largest and best preserved in all of South America, and for being one of the very first places in the world to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Further, there are many historical and architectural fascinations throughout the city that are well worth exploring, such as Carondelet Palace, Basilica del Voto Nacional, and the Cathedral of Quito.

But as a volunteer in Quito you will soon move past the tourist attractions and begin to experience the everyday Quito which locals enjoy – a thriving cultural, commercial, and educational hub of activity, and arguably Ecuador’s most important city. There are many parks, museums, and other attractions to explore outside of volunteer work in Quito, and many unique cultural opportunities which locals can help you discover too. Start by exploring La Mariscal or Parque Metropolitano, and see where the day takes you!

The city is fairly well connected by a bus system, and is also located in the Guayllabamba river basin, a short ride away from many outdoor adventure and trekking opportunities. Quito is also the only capital city residing in the shadow of an active volcano – if you are feeling brave, then go for a hike on the slopes of Pichincha (don’t worry, the last time it erupted was in 1999).

Accommodations & Visas

Most volunteer programs in Quito will assist volunteers in organizing housing for the duration of their stay. Homestays are a very popular option, giving those volunteering in Quito the unique chance to live for an extended period of time with an Ecuadorian host family (and enjoy delicious home cooking too). Many individuals who volunteer in Quito also opt to live in a flat or apartment instead, either independently or with other volunteers. Consult your program to discuss what options they offer and which seems like the best choice for you!

Ecuador has a fairly lax visa policy when it comes to temporary visitors, so most individuals who volunteer in Quito will not even need to obtain a visa unless they plan on volunteering abroad for longer than 90 days. If you do plan to volunteer in Quito for more than three months, then it is usually possible to arrange a visa after you have begun your volunteer work in Ecuador.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Quito is a beautiful and exciting city which will challenge not only your lung capacity at such high altitudes, but your commitment and endurance as a volunteer abroad far away from home. High up in the Andes the adventure of a lifetime awaits, one where you will learn a lot about yourself while also contributing valuable services to underserved populations in need of a helping hand.

So do your research to find what volunteer program feels right, brush up on your Spanish skills, and begin the journey of volunteering abroad in Quito today!

Read our comprehensive guide on volunteering abroad in Ecuador.

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A Guide To
Volunteering Abroad in Quito


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Affordable Volunteering in Ecuador: Fees from USD270!

Make the World Heritage Site of Quito into a temporary home by volunteering with International Volunteer HQ. Volunteers can get involved in a variety of projects, including School Support, Street Childrem Engligh Teaching, Kindergarten, and Administration Support. Volunteers get plenty of time to immmerse in the culture as they interact with locals through projects.


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Ecuador - Wild Animal Shelter

Spend a week getting to know the beautiful city of Quito, Ecuador! Partake in a week of touring and Spanish lessons. Travel highlights include a visit to the Equator and a salsa dance lesson. Volunteer work will take place in Puyo, where volunteers will be working at an animal shelter that has rescued injured wild animals. As a volunteer on this project, you will be involved in several hand...


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Volunteer Abroad & Make a REAL Difference - From US$175!

Find our Why More and More People are Choosing to Become a Love Volunteer! Love Volunteers is the most affordable way to volunteer and help local communities in developing countries! Why are we cheaper than other organisations? Firstly, we are just a handful of passionate people working hard to help volunteers and local communities around the world. We don't have huge overheads - no company ...


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Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs | Starting USD200 only!

Volunteering Solutions provides volunteering opportunities in 20 different countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin/Central America. Our main aim is to provide affordable and meaningful volunteer abroad opportunities across all countries. Our programs include both short-term (two weeks) and long-term (up to six months) placements in every country, as well as our programs, are open throug...


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Environmental Conservation in the Amazon and on the Coast

Join our environmental conservation project on the coast of Ecuador or in the Amazon, and gain an indepth insight into these regions’ biodiversity. This fundamental biological preservation foundation is aimed at habitat restoration and research in natural environments considered the most at risk. A coastal location was created to continue the conservation work, including an ecotourism programme...


Ecuador Pre-School & Day Care

Ecuador is a pocket-sized slice of beautiful South America. Despite its diminutive size, it is bursting with vibrant culture, mesmerising landscapes, exotic tropical wildlife and pristine habitats. It encompasses the all-consuming emerald Amazon, rich in natural resources and home to a wealth of fascinating creatures. Ecuador has a picture-perfect capital painted in pastel colours, alive wit...


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Intern & Volunteer Abroad: from USD180

CrossContinental offers affordable intern abroad, volunteer abroad, culture/language immersion programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Gain hands-on experience, improve your resume, enhance cultural understanding, and build global network. Stay with a host family for culture and language immersion. Affordable program fees start from only USD180 (accommodation & meals included). These vo...


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Nutrition Projects in Ecuador

Join ELI in a nutrition volunteer or intern program in Ecuador and get the chance to earn experience in running nutrition programs while exploring the beautiful Ecuadorian countryside. Volunteers work with locals in conducting workshops on food preparation and nutrition at schools, retirement homes, and community centers. Getting involved with local fairs and events is also encouraged.


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Music Therapy and Education in Ecuador

Volunteer abroad with a foundation in Quito, Ecuador using music and the arts as means of providing therapy and education to youth and adults with disabilities. An intermediate level of Spanish is suggested, but all music volunteers will receive one-on-one Spanish instruction for 6 hours per week throughout the program. During your stay, you will live with a local family in a homestay where you...


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Volunteer in Ecuador with PMGY from $480

Plan My Gap Year offers two-week to three-month volunteering opportunities in the capital of Quito at an altitude of 2,850m above sea level. Volunteers will get involved in a wide variety of project work in different fields, including Childcare, English Teaching and Medical Electives. The program in Ecuador run throughout the year, with two start dates every month, so participants can decide...


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Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteering in Ecuador

Ecuador is one of South America’s greatest undiscovered countries. With a friendly and welcoming culture, beautiful food and incredible environmental diversity, it is the most wonderful place to visit for those looking for something off the beaten track. This beautiful sanctuary is located on the edge of the Amazon rainforest and is home to over 200 animals. You will be helping to care for a...


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Care for Children in Ecuador – Teach, Guide, Affirm & Play!

Play with and teach bright, happy children from impoverished families in Calderon, Ecuador - for one to two weeks. You're needed to assist teachers and help expand and maintain residential, training, and daycare facilities. Our service program enables you to provide direct, hands-on care for pre-schoolers through an amazing grassroots organization. No matter your background, your personal effor...


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Shadow doctors in Ecuador. 20+ AAMC-compliant hrs/week.

The Atlantis Fellowship gives pre-medical and pre-health students AAMC-compliant, ethical shadowing hours in international hospitals. The Atlantis mission is to help pre-medical and pre-health students pursue their callings in medicine passionately through their interactions with international healthcare. Atlantis is committed to partnering with students on their way to becoming a doctor, wh...


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Volunteer in South America with Youth International

Travel in local style while sharing your adventures with a small group of peers aged 18 to 25 and two experienced leaders. With Youth International, you learn about the local culture by living it yourself, through volunteer work and home stays with families in villages and cities.. About a third of the time on the program is spent helping on community service projects in several different com...


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Quito: Medical Health Care Nurse EMT Dental Volunteer Programs with A Broader View

We are inviting seasoned professionals and medical students to volunteer in one of the big hospitals in Quito. The hospital is capable of admitting 300 patients and has 70% occupation. Most of the patients can be found in the Emergency, Gynecology and Pediatrics departments. Your placement in the hospital will be determined by you skills, knowledge and the need of the patients. Medical volu...