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Urban and Rural Comparative Health, Ecuador

Get to know more about the urban and rural health care systems of Ecuador through clinical rotation. This will highlight the differences of healthcare services in the two regions. Students will spend the first portion of the program in Quito where they will take medical and conversational Spanish classes and be immersed in the rich culture of the city. They will also have the chance to rotate t...


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Paid volunteer opportunity in Ecuador

Hoping to make a lasting impact on society and the world? Looking for international work experience? An opportunity awaits in Ecuador! Join a paid yet FREE volunteer program created to expand your professional skills while providing you an enriching experience. It is an initiative between nonprofit organizations and the Ministry of Education of Ecuador. For 5 to 10 months, you will teach En...


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Do you have talent in the arts? Singing, an instrument, clowning, mime, drama, painting or drawing. Or do you just love kids? And get along well with them? Are you a good mentor or guide? An inspiration? Do you love to read to kids? Are you good at story telling? Or drawing the story out of others? Or have a background in librarianship? NGOabroad needs you! This after school programs ...