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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Dominica

Life in Dominica is hot-hot-hot, especially when you consider it’s Boiling Lake, many volcanoes, and it’s rampant natural hot springs. But you’re not here to help folks stay cool or escape lava—Dominicans are tough, and can teach you a thing or two about surviving in incredulous circumstances. Struck by Hurricane Maria in 2017, the entire island is coming together and making moves to rebuild. However, reconstruction isn’t all that simple. If you like colorful buildings, mountain peaks, national parks (there are THREE packed on this tiny island!), and helping others, the life of a volunteer in Dominica is for you.

Hurricane Maria Response Efforts

The entire population of Dominica—all 73,000+ Dominicans—have been affected by the hurricanes of 2017. To add sea salt to injury, rescue and relief operations are hampered due to roads being obstructed. As well, vast areas of Dominica are currently without power or landline communication, making it difficult to local people to speak with friends and family, let alone keep medicines and foodstuffs at the proper temperatures.

If you are keen to help out now, we have a few pieces of advice. Find organizations working directly in relief efforts, such as the Red Cross, to contribute in hands-on ways. Collecting rubble and debris to make transportation more accessible requires a lot of able-bodies. If you want to maximize your contributions, keep reading.

Keep in mind—this emergency post-disaster period will be best served by your financial offerings to help support professionals who are already boots-on-the-ground. Technical volunteers, skilled in medicine or construction, are mostly needed now to help rebuild the island. Consider volunteering in Dominica in a few months if you are only able to do less skills-based volunteering.

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Other Ways to Volunteer in Dominica

While we recommend that you first research the current state of affairs in Dominica before stressing resources to help you volunteer in other project areas than hurricane recovery, there are a few other popular volunteer projects in Dominica to consider.

Sea turtles. If you think life is much better down where it’s wetter, then consider spending time volunteering with sea turtles in Dominica. If your idea of fun and service includes scientific research on one of the most “Righteous! Righteous!” animals on the planet, then consider supporting sea turtle migration in Dominica.

Agriculture. Nearly one-third of all Dominicans work in agriculture (hey, those tasty, ripe bananas aren’t going to grow themselves!)—pack your farmer’s hat and head to this tropical island to learn and support sustainable growing projects.

That's a Wrap

You don’t need to be Captain Jack Sparrow—or own a parrot—to earn your place on this tropical island. Volunteer in Dominica and start making a REAL difference in the lives of others today.

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A Guide To
Volunteering Abroad in Dominica


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