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With more than 400 projects worldwide and with 25 years experience of providing ethical travel placements, Frontier can find you the perfect adventure whatever you want to achieve. We offer placements in more than 50 countries including Costa Rica, Madagascar, Fiji and loads more. Here are just some of the options available: Marine Conservation and Diving Travel to beach paradises, scuba...

Costa Rica

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International Volunteer HQ

At the turtle project, volunteers assist Costa Rican biologists with their work and research at the beach. Volunteers help with studies and protection work of the sea turtles, and with the sustainable egg harvesting programs. Volunteers live in one of three beach locations around Costa Rica and must be prepared to work hard. Living conditions are basic and volunteers work shifts (days and ni...

Volunteer in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica - Sea Turtle Conservation

Volunteers are needed to help protect the magnificent leatherback, hawksbill and green sea turtles on the beaches of Southeast Caribbean of Costa Rica. Currently, all eight species of sea turtle world wide are recognized as 'endangered' by International Conservation Union (IUCN). The leatherback sea turtle, the largest of its kind (its carapace can measure up to 2 meters long), nests in Costa R...

volunteer in Costa Rica

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Maximo Nivel is a locally based organization in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Volunteer abroad—get involved, make an impact, and learn to serve by working at local projects: - Working with Kids - Teaching English - Conservation - Construction - Animal Care - Eco-Agriculture - Medical & Healthcare Since 2003, Maximo Nivel has been a leader in educational travel and stu...

Maximo Nivel

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Love Volunteers

Find our Why More and More People are Choosing to Become a Love Volunteer! Love Volunteers is the most affordable way to volunteer and help local communities in developing countries! Why are we cheaper than other organisations? Firstly, we are just a handful of passionate people working hard to help volunteers and local communities around the world. We don't have huge overheads - no company ...

Megan while volunteering in Costa Rica

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Wildlife Expedition in Costa Rica

Take part in this wildlife conservation expedition and be an active member of GVI's research team in the Costa Rican rainforest. Work on a variety of long-term terrestrial, marine conservation and community education projects. Help conduct turtle population surveys, jaguar predation surveys, jaguar and other mammal camera trapping, and mammal and bird studies. You can also teach English and env...


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Conservation & Environmental Volunteer Projects (Costa Rica)

Volunteer with Environmental projects in Costa Rica and contribute to sustaining Costa Rica's natural wonders. With over 25% of the country's total land area set aside in national parks and preserves and a booming low-impact tourism industry, Costa Rica Stands as as a beacon for others to follow, but the work is not over. There are still many environmental issues that the nation is wrestling wi...

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Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad offers you the opportunity to learn about tropical conservation in Costa Rica's extensive forested national parks. This volunteer experience will provide a wonderful opportunity to work in a truly unique habitat in a series of underground caves Costa Rica has become a conservationist's paradise. Its government has developed a positive attitude and protects its many natural r...


Academic Programs International

API offers comprehensive study abroad programs in the wonderful Costa Rican city of San Joaquin de Flores. The Instituto San Joaquin de Flores is a colonial-style building built specifically to be an academic and language school. Topics available include Spanish language and culture, history, business, and environmental sciences. There is also a Spanish for Medical Professions summer program -...


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Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

Come to Costa Rica and volunteer on our sea turtle conservation project. The project aims to protect female sea turtles, their nests and hatchlings along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Costa Rica against poachers and natural predators. The project also gathers data on the nesting activity so that it can be used to improve effective methods of conservation and can also be shared with th...


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Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

Join an active conservation team monitoring and protecting sea turtle populations. Protect turtle nests against the risks of poaching and release hatchlings into the Pacific Ocean. The data collected is used to gain an understanding of sea turtle reproductive behaviour, and improve conservation strategies. Explore the stunning scenery, mangroves and coastal areas in your free time. The proje...


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A Broader View Volunteers Corp

Most national parks offer on-site shared volunteer accommodations. These living conditions are basic, but clean and comfortable. Most accommodations have electricity and running water, and communal washrooms. Meals are provided 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Spanish proficiency is not required, but volunteers should have a good grasp of the basics. A two week minimum program and m...


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Volunteer with Turtles in Costa Rica

Contribute to the Sea Turtle Conservation Project in Costa Rica, which helps preserve the countrys incredible biodiversity through the protection of endangered sea turtles nests and the release of turtle hatchlings into the wild. The program was established in 1989 and has more than 20 years of experience in the conservation and protection of endangered sea turtle populations on Costa Ricas...


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Costa Rica Sea-turtle conservation Internship

Romelia Sea Turtles Conservation Project conducted since 2009 has as a primary goal the conservation of SEA TURTLE populations that nest on the beaches of this wildlife sanctuary in Montezuma, Costa Rica. The project includes activities as; monitoring of nesting sea turtles females, night patrols, activities of protection and monitoring of the nests. The lands at Refugio Nacional de Vida Silve...


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Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions provides volunteering opportunities in 20 different countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin/Central America. Our main aim is to provide affordable and meaningful volunteer abroad opportunities across all countries. Our programs include both short-term (two weeks) and long-term (up to six months) placements in every country, as well as our programs are open through...