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Volunteering Abroad in Computer Training

In today’s modern society, computers are the quintessential tool for the progression and future of humanity. In order to ensure that everyone is able to participate in the next big technological leap, it’s first important to instill basic computer literacy around the world. This goal can be achieved through volunteering your time and assisting in computer training programs abroad. By volunteering abroad in computer training, you will gain satisfaction in bringing less technologically advanced communities up to speed with modern technology.


While computers, and various other forms of technology, all have a presence across the world, many developing countries lack opportunities for locals to learn basic computer skills or gain computer literacy. For this reason, many African and Southeast Asian countries specifically are in great need of volunteers who can provide computer training courses as programs. Although there are numerous countries around the world that have a need for computer training programs, there are a few countries considered to be in the greatest need, based on their large populations and limited access to technological resources.

South Africa is a country that is quickly growing technologically, and therefore it has a great demand for computer training volunteers. Since South Africa is a country of extremes, especially when it comes to distribution of wealth, there are many thriving industries with a demand for more skilled workers. However, most of these industries require basic computer skills, and far too many locals because many locals lack access to technology and training opportunities. Consequently, the country still holds a significantly high unemployment rate, so by offering computer skills training volunteers will help increase job opportunities for locals.

Thailand is another country where there are great contrasts between the rich and poor. Although this contrast is not as drastic as in many other countries, and the technology industry is rapidly growing in Thailand, funding for schools and skills training programs is still lacking, which makes it difficult for most citizens to keep up with the progression of modern technology. Therefore, many computer training programs have been established in Thailand to fill this gap in computer education, and help provide essential computer training to local communities in various capacities.

India is a country with a booming information and technology industry. It is the leading nation in IT exports, and IT is therefore a highly desired industry to get into in India. The success of the the IT industry is likely due to the high number of English speakers in the country, making it an accessible affiliate for many Western countries. However, while great success exists in the IT industry, there are still a number of impoverished communities that lack the fundamental knowledge to land a job in this highly profitable industry. To help counter this imbalance, many computer training programs have been established to bring computer education to underprivileged communities. By volunteering in computer training in India, you will help decrease the ongoing growth of poverty and expand educational opportunities for local children and adults.

Computer Training Abroad

The most common type of computer training volunteer placement comes in the form of educational classes for people young and old, in a range of settings. In these situations, volunteers may lead a computer training program or act as an assistant in a pre-existing course led by someone else. Outside of educational settings, for those with more advanced skills, there are also opportunities to volunteer abroad and provide IT assistance, network troubleshooting, and audio/visual setup for nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and other entities.

Class Settings. Computer training programs can be targeted toward children of all ages and education levels, as well as adults. Depending on where you volunteer in computer training, the setting may range from full classrooms of 20 to 40 students to small groups of five to 10 students or one-on-one tutoring sessions. In addition to teaching a group of “students”, you may also have the chance to provide computer skills training to local school teachers or business owners. By providing computer training to higher level institutional or company leaders, you will contribute to the perpetuation of computer skills training and help increase computer literacy rates of future generations.

Course Content. In a day and age where computer literacy is just as important as general literacy, computer training programs are becoming increasingly important. Some computer training programs will focus solely on teaching students the basic knowledge needed to perform standard computer operations, such as how to turn on a computer or access the internet. More advanced classes might cover the use of word processing programs, data entry and spreadsheet functions, creating, using, and maintaining emails, and other related functions that are often crucial to obtaining employment.

Requirements. All computer training volunteers are required to have a basic knowledge of computers as well as fundamental computer skills. You do not need to be a computer genius to volunteer in computer training abroad, but you will need to be sufficiently computer literate. For more advanced computer training programs, volunteers may also need specialized computer skills and possibly even an academic background in computer science, IT, or related fields.


Help Others Achieve Professional Development. Traveling abroad is very rewarding and often feels like a great personal achievement, but doing so for the benefit of others is even more commendable. By helping build the professional resume and skill set of others, who have limited access to computer skills training specifically, you will help contribute to the progression of the modern world and the spread of technological understanding.

Develop Teaching Skills. By volunteering abroad in computer training, you will strengthen your ability to help others reach their potential. This quality will take you very far, no matter what career path you choose to take, from education to counseling to business management.

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