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Husky Ranch Dog Sled Volunteering in Canada!

This Project is for those who always wanted to explore the world of dog sledding and the unique way of living the 'bush life! This volunteer abroad project will give you the unique experience to help out a small family run husky ranch. Dogsled and snow scooter in the winter and hike, bike, fish and wildlife watch in the summer! Did you ever want to explore the world of dog sledding and the u...


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Wildlife Volunteer Canada

Volunteer Wildlife programs in Canada are a unique full-time program that provides hands-on experience at a registered Canadian wildlife organization. The program provides young adults from around the world the opportunity to experience the natural wonders of Canada while making a difference and gaining valuable hands-on experience. Participants can be placed for 4-16 weeks in the British Colu...


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Sub-Arctic Volunteer Adventure

The Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC) offers a unique opportunity to experience life in a remote research facility in the sub-arctic. Volunteers become part of the CNSC community as they help with a variety of day-to-day duties. During the stay, accommodations, food, and transfers to and from the point of entry are covered by the CNSC. Each season in the Churchill area brings different h...


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Climate Change in the Mackenzie Mountains

Earthwatch Institute offers a volunteering opportunity in a research project on climate change in the Mackenzie Mountains in Canada. Volunteers will measure evidence of global warming in the majestic Mackenzie Mountains, a range that forms part of the border between Canada's Northwest Territories and the Yukon, and is on the front line of climate change. Among stunning wildlife, including one o...