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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Brasilia

Parabéns! Brasilia, the capital of the biggest country in Latin America, is waiting for you. When you think of Brasilia, soccer and garotas might be the first thing to come to your mind. But, have you thought about the international opportunities this city offers? Doing a program to volunteer abroad in Brasilia will let you engage with the community at a level not experienced before. Go beyond borders, immerse yourself in a new culture, and broaden your horizons and ideas of the world! Are you ready to volunteer in Brasilia?

What you need to know about volunteering in Brasilia

From the beginning of your experience you’ll realize the potential you have to make an impact. Despite having had a difficult past, Brasilia is the perfect blend between joy, challenge, and spontaneity. By choosing to volunteer abroad in Brasilia, you’ll be exposed to many life changing experiences AND possibilities.

Popular causes for volunteering in Brasilia. Brazil’s most spoken language is Portuguese, but with such an evolving and growing world, it is crucial for children and locals to learn English as a way to be more connected with the world. Teaching English is definitely a go when you think about volunteering options in Brasilia. 

But education is not only teaching a language, it is bringing your experience or attitude to the field, and finding solutions to make people happier. Opt for community development and childcare opportunities! You could help a whole community live a more meaningful and sustainable life by providing them with tips on how to value their resources, protect their environment and ultimately their health! 

Good news is, you don’t need to be an expert to help people with their health. Mental and physical health is strictly tied up with sports and outdoor activities! You can help people develop their well being by organizing physical activities, soccer matches, and community gatherings. 

Short term volunteer programs in Brasilia. When choosing to go abroad, the length of your stay is definitely something you should consider. Nevertheless, it’s about quality not quantity. Short term programs are greatly available, and considered by many international volunteers. Two weeks of your time could make a lifetime impact on someone else’s life. 

Long term volunteer programs in Brasilia. Short term options are great and immersive, but aren’t longer options more tempting? In a 2.481 million people city, less than a month doesn’t seem enough to explore every corner, every cafe, and every local delicacy. If you want to stroll like a local, and feel comfortable praticando your Portuguese, definitely opt for more than a couple of months in this unique urban city!

Life in Brasilia for international volunteers

Brasilia is a great city, full of cultural opportunities, eye opening experiences, and amazing connections. You can never get enough. But, as mesmerizing as it is, life in Brasilia is definitely significantly different than the life you’re probably used to living. You will notice inequalities and inherent challenges that are present all over the country.

This can be difficult at first, but isn’t this one of the reasons why you decide to volunteer abroad in culturally different places? With your sense of adaptability, you will soon discover how your comfort zone starts to expand and feeling at home abroad becomes easier. 

A crucial part of volunteering abroad is learning to complement your volunteering experience with some exploring as well. This will allow you to understand the place you’re volunteering in better while also having a lot of fun. Don’t miss the Parque Municipal do Itiquira, where you will be able to see the Itiquira waterfall, the highest waterfall in the WHOLE country. Additionally, pay a visit to the National Theatre Claudio Santoro, where a lot of concerts, plays, and conferences are held throughout the year.

GoAbroad Insider Tips for volunteers in Brasilia

Come prepared! Don’t forget to pack your attitude, open mindedness, and willingness to make an impact. With so many new things, these skills will become crucial to make you feel calm and happy. Try learning some Portuguese before you arrive—this will help you feel more comfortable when communicating with others and when practicing the language in real life situations. 

Enjoy the freedom and growing opportunities volunteering abroad in this city ––and ultimately this country, offer. Definitely get involved in Brasilia as much as you can, but consider expanding your volunteering options to other areas of the country. Visit Sào Paulo! Here, you can find many conservation opportunities. Perfect place to understand pollution and development. Or consider visiting Curitiba, a world leading city in sustainability! 

But most importantly, as a volunteer in Brasilia, make sure you take advantage of the location and the friendliness around you! Interact with as many people as you can, and collect stories. As time goes by, you will soon understand that the the greatest impact comes from the people you meet, rather than the places you visit. 

If you’re willing to immerse yourself to the fullest in this unique culture, Read our comprehensive guide on volunteering abroad in Brazil.

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