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Volunteering in Brazil with lots of community engagement!

Join Iris Social as we launch community-driven programs developed by locals with the active participation of partner social projects. These focus on generating maximum impact on the lives of real people. We create experiences so you can truly help with the support of a local team. We will be with you through every step of the way while encouraging you to be proactive and to realize the aspe...


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Low-cost Teach English Program in Brazil

The Nikitas Language Abroad Schools Teach English in Brazil program was designed with the aim of placing foreign university students in Brazilian families who wish to improve their language skills. Host families provide room and board to students in exchange for conversational English lessons. Having the opportunity to tutor the members of a family is in itself a learning experience. Sessions p...


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Experteering: Volunteering + Expertise through MovingWorlds

Join our membership community at MovingWorlds and we will connect you to a social enterprise or development organization across the globe, particularly one that matches your skills. Sign up as a member and have full access to our Experteering projects. We have a support team who will identify suitable projects according to your profile. Once we find the right host organization, we implemen...