Volunteer Abroad in Western Australia

3 Volunteer Abroad Programs in Western Australia


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Volunteer and get up close and personal with Dolphins on a paradise Beach in Western Australia! Your project is based at a non-profit Centre in Bunbury committed to dolphin research, education, conservation and tourism. Facing Koombana Bay to the North, the Centre enables people to interact with Bottlenose dolphins in a variety of ways. There are up to 100 dolphins living in the Bay and gro...


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Join a team of like-minded volunteers and enjoy unique experiences traveling from project to project with Conservation Volunteers Australia. Each week, the organization takes participants to a new site for a new conservation project. Typical activities include tree planting, track construction, weed control, wildlife or flora surveys, and heritage protection. The team leader provides all the on...


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Become a volunteer for this conservation program is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Australian countryside while making a contribution to protect, preserve and restore the unique and beautiful Australian environment. As part of a team, this volunteer experience give you the chance to meet people from across Australia and the world.