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Get TEFL Certified to teach English in Thailand

Looking for the best TEFL certification to teach English in Thailand? Get TEFL certified with International TEFL Academy & join 15,000 ITA alumni teaching English 80+ countries worldwide. ITA offers TEFL courses online & in 25 locations globally, including Chiang Mai, Thailand. All students receive lifetime job search guidance & exclusive access to alumni services and networks across the globe.


International TEFL and TESOL Training in Ban Phe, Thailand

If you are looking for quality TEFL/TESOL training, ITTT is your best choice. Offering internationally recognized teaching qualifications for all needs and requirements, International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT) is your number one choice in the ESL field. We offer a wide variety of courses to suit your individual needs. If you are looking for a maximum of teaching practice, choose our in-...


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XploreAsia TESOL / TEFL in Thailand - Hua Hin

XploreAsia offers a one-month TESOL/TEFL and Cultural Immersion Program as well as job placement around Thailand from the beautiful beach resort town of Hua Hin, just three hours south of Bangkok, The program includes a 120-hour internationally accredited TESOL course specifically geared to teaching English in Thailand. Students receive comprehensive training by experienced, industry profession...


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International TEFL Certificate Program - ACT

Teach English in Asia, Europe, Africa and Worldwide. Teaching English overseas can be a good way to make this dream come true. If you want a prolonged vacation in the exotic destinations around the world, teaching ESL can be the best profession. Teach & Travel - the best way to see the world through the eyes of locals while working to change their lives through education in the English language...


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Global Certification thru TEFL Training College Thailand

English learning in Thailand has become increasingly important, what with its entry into the ASEAN and global business world. This is why plenty of schools and language training centers in the country are hiring English teachers. While many employers accept a university degree, you will have better chances of landing a financially rewarding position with an internationally recognized teachin...


SLS 120 Hours TEFL Training in Pattaya: with Accommodation

Enroll in our 120-hour TEFL Training! Our school is located in Pattaya, Thailand. This is a great place to springboard your adventures and a new career in Thailand or Asia. Classes begin at 10:00 a.m. for 5 days per week. We focus on ensuring your participation in at least 8 hours of practical teaching throughout the course. Our TEFL trainer is extremely well qualified with a Bachelor of...


International TEFL Institute Thailand

The International TEFL Institute open the doors to your future. Participants can enroll in a variety of Online TEFL courses. Gain confidence and greater understanding of the teaching methodology and techniques. The programs aim to enhance the teaching skills of aspiring English instructors travel abroad, and teach English to developed and developing countries. All Accredited Online Courses i...


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Teach English in Asia, Europe, or Latin America!

The LanguageCorps TESOL Certification Programs will give you the skills and methodology needed to be comfortable and competent teaching English abroad. While the particular details of the Programs vary by country, all include approximately 140 hours of training, and as many as 30 hours of actual teaching practice. The TESOL Certification Programs incorporate classroom instruction in effectiv...


TEFL/TESOL practicum experience in Thailand

Thailand Teach offers a volunteering program that allows participants to complete their TEFL or TESOL practicum. TEFL or TESOL certification is not a requirement to volunteer or gain a teacher's license in Thailand. Taking a decent 120 to 140-hour course is highly recommended as it prepares aspiring teachers for the classroom. It is also imperative for those considering any long-term prospec...