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A Guide to Earning TEFL Certification in Taiwan

The island of Taiwan a great place to teach English abroad as living costs are low and salaries are relatively high. With a growing economy, due to its technological industry, and is high ranking when it comes to quality healthcare and education, earning a TEFL certificate in Taiwan will be beneficial in more ways than one for aspiring teachers. The demand for native English speakers to teach English in Taiwan is high, and teaching jobs are reasonably easy to find. Rugged mountains, rolling plains, and a tropical climate make Taiwan a beautiful place to work abroad too.


The majority of TEFL courses in Taiwan are located in its special municipalities. These are the highest level cities in Taiwan. Special municipalities have significant economic, political, and cultural development, as well as a population of over 1.25 million.

Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan, is located at the northern tip of the country. While Taipei City refers to the city proper, the name Taipei can refer to the whole metropolitan area, including New Taipei and Keelung. Keelung is a port city on the Pacific Ocean, while New Taipei is the most populous city in Taiwan. Taipei is the political, economic, and cultural center of the country. It is considered a major industrial area, with two airports and several other major transportation hubs. Taipei is home to several museums, temples, and festivals, providing plenty for TEFL students to explore outside the classroom.

Kaohsiung is the largest city by area and the second most populous. It has grown from a small, trading village into the shipbuilding and industrial center of southern Taiwan. Kaohsiung is also home to the Dream Mall, the largest mall in East Asia, as well as several night markets.

Taichung is located in western Taiwan and is home to several museums, cultural centers, and temples. From bilingual kindergartens to world-class public and private universities, Taichung offers a full range of teaching opportunities in Taiwan.

Courses & Programs

Teaching experience isn’t required to enroll in TEFL courses in Taiwan, making it a desirable location for new teachers. While TEFL programs vary, expect four weeks and over 140 hours of training to complete a TEFL certification in Taiwan. TEFL students will also generally complete 30 or more hours of actual teaching practice. TEFL certification programs in Taiwan are taught at the college level by university-level professors most often. During TEFL certification courses, students will learn how to plan lessons and conduct successful classroom activities, and once certified teachers will usually receive job placement assistance. Prospective TEFL students should expect written assignments, essays, and quizzes. Many TEFL programs in Taiwan also offer cultural awareness courses and excursions for students as well.

Salary & Costs

Salaries for English teaching jobs in Taiwan are relatively high, ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 per month. Teachers are required to pay income tax on their earnings, however. Teachers who remain in Taiwan for several years can earn even higher salaries. Some schools will =offer extra benefits to English teachers, including subsidized accommodations, bonuses, insurance, and even flight reimbursement. 

The cost of living in Taiwan is relatively low, and most teachers will earn enough to cover their living expenses and save money. For example, a combo meal at a fast food restaurant will cost under $4, and a one-bedroom apartment ranges between $300 to $450 per month.

July, August, and January are the most commons months for teaching jobs in Taiwan to begin, so students should begin and complete TEFL courses in time for the latter hiring times. In recent years, native English speaking teachers have been restricted from teaching kindergarten age groups due to official education regulations, but typically there are teaching positions with students of all ages.

Accommodation & Visas

U.S. students are exempt from acquiring a visa during TEFL courses in Taiwan, if staying for 90 days or less. For longer stays or teaching jobs, a visa is required. Students need to have a valid passport that will remain valid for the entire length of their TEFL program in Taiwan, and they also need to possess a confirmed return or onward airline ticket. In addition, students must complete the visa application form and provide a photo as well as documents verifying the purpose of their visit. Additionally, a health certificate is required for anyone applying to work in Taiwan.

Most TEFL students share apartments with other students during their program, with two to three people per apartment and each person with their own room.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Taiwan is a popular destination for teaching English abroad because of the typical benefits teachers receive along with good pay and comfortable living conditions. Taiwan has good public transportation and excellent health insurance too. The cost of living is low and teaching salaries are high enough to allow for saving, making Taiwan an excellent choice for TEFL certification abroad, so teachers can get comfortable with the Taiwanese education system right away.

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