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A Guide to TEFL Programs in Galway

To become a teacher, first you have to become a student. Where better to do that than in a city famed for its lively student culture? Getting your TEFL certification in Ireland means doublin’ up on study and fun. As well as learning how to teach English in an international environment, you’ll learn the meaning of good craic, that there’s no such thing as “just one pint,” and all the words to every U2 song ever. A little city with big personality, TEFL courses in Galway are ideal way to kick off your English teaching adventure.

TEFL Courses in Galway

The best part about studying TESOL is that no prior experience is required: all you need is a passion for pedagogy. If you think you check that box, you can cut straight to skimming over the different courses available, and find one that suits you.

TEFL courses in Galway are typically classroom-based, and involve coursework, homework, evaluations, and practical experience. Written assignments and examinations are standard in any TEFL course, and as you will be learning in a group environment, you can expect to craft mock lesson plans and deliver them in front of your classmates.

Some courses also have online components in conjunction with these teacher-led lessons, which gives you greater flexibility with your schedule and study times. Altogether, programs can involve up to 180 hours of training, although there are different options available to suit your availability. The actual number of classes each day varies according to program structure and intensity.

Choosing the right course depends on various factors personal to you. There are minor variations between TEFL, TESOL, and TESL courses which relate to who you want to teach and where. Regardless of the program you enroll in however, you will graduate with a qualification that be the key that opens the door to all of your travel dreams – maybe even TEFL jobs in Ireland! There is no expiry date on your qualification, so upon completion you will be certified to teach English for life.

Life in Galway

Galway is a dynamo. Small but fierce, this city in the heart of Gaelic-country knows everything it is not (locals will be the first to point out it’s not beautiful). However, it makes up for anything it’s lacking with its feisty character – with historic arches and a seaside that rivals your wildest Irish coastal dreams, you’ll never get bored in Galway. Getting TEFL certification in Galway gives many chances to really get to know the famous Irish character, which is best observed in one of the many pubs in town.

The best part of Galway is Irishmen and women themselves. Garrulous and charming, with infectious humor and cheeky wit, they will win you over with their charisma. It won’t take long at all before you have a boisterous new group of friends who are excited to show you the many historic landmarks, museums and galleries, and outstanding eateries on popular the Quay Street and beyond.

Galway is both age-old tradition and modern cosmopolitan vibes. You can easily enjoy Irish culture and language, while also reveling in the international diversity and multiculturalism that are at the heart of Galway today. You will come across people from all corners of the globe, giving you oodles of inspiration for your career as a TESOL professional and voyageur extraordinaire.

Accommodation & Visas

You’ve got brains in your head and feet in your shoes, so what about the roof over your head? Figuring out where you’re going to be staying while completing TEFL courses in Galway can be the hardest part of the whole process.

Programs fees generally cover assistance with finding housing, so this part of your TESOL journey should be relatively hassle-free. You will most likely find accommodation in student housing, in international dormitory, or group living situations. Of course, if you want to have more control over your living situation, there is always the option of jumping online and finding a room to sublet independently. Whichever option you go for, Galway is compact enough that wherever your TESOL program is based, you will be able to find accommodation nearby.

Checking out visa requirements is another thing you will want to do before launching yourself into your TEFL course. Due to proximity and connections with the United Kingdom and European Union, visa requirements are generally quite flexible in Ireland. If your course of study is less than 90 days, you will be able to study in Ireland on a tourist visa. Most TESL courses will be well within this time frame, so you won’t have to worry about obtaining a visa. For more detailed information on visa requirements and processes however, it’s a good idea to stop by GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

So what happens once you’re certified? If you’re uncertain how to go about finding your first English teaching position, that is reason enough to invest in a TEFL qualification. You can be confident that with a TEFL certification behind you, you will have great job prospects anywhere there is a demand for English teachers. However, knowing where and how to actually find a job can be a challenge.

One of the major benefits that TEFL courses in Galway offer is job placement assistance. Not only will you leave your course as a fully qualified teacher, but you will be introduced to the steps for finding full-time English teaching positions worldwide. The institutes that offer TESOL courses have networks and connections all over the globe, so by participating in a course you will be tapping into all of that potential.

On top of that, studying for a TEFL certification in Ireland involves in-person, hands-on learning, which will prove to be invaluable when you step into a class that you will be leading! Practical experience is what sets Galway’s TEFL courses apart from online programs. The interactive nature of the classes not only grants you the support and inspiration of other students, but will help get you accustomed to speaking in front of groups: something you will probably be doing a lot of as an English teacher.

Getting a TEFL certified in Ireland isn’t just a stepping stone to an exciting career teaching abroad. It’s an experience in itself, and a fabulous opportunity to experience student life in an infamous, off-the-beaten-path European cultural capital. Make the most of becoming a qualified teacher and choose to study TEFL. Galway won’t disappoint!

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